Has anyone used a Non-Employee Outside Sales Person to acquire new sales?

Has anyone ever used an outside sales person to acquire window cleaning work? And if so, what arrangements did you make regarding compensation?
Was the individual paid on a one time commission basis only, monthly percentage, hourly plus commission, etc ?
What seemed to have worked best?
Was your salesman pricing your jobs or did he simply find work opportunities and coordinated with you for pricing?

Thanking you in advance.

Lynn Gofron
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Scottsdale, Arizona

Thanks for asking that question. I have wondered this as well. There are two people that have offered to do this and I’m not sure what is fair for either of us.
I will be following this post.

I attempted it a couple years ago. It was a pure commission arrangement, they worked for 3 days, found 3 leads, and quit very frustrated.

I have tried this and it doesn’t work well for anything other than commercial storefronts. A non window cleaner will not recognize issues that will come up on jobs and won’t bid them accordingly

You make a valid point there.

Last year I had two commissioned sales people to do resi sales door to door.
They saw just how lucrative this biz can be, and the fact it isn’t rocket science. Now they have their own companies.

Be Careful.

Don’t let your Techs talk to the Sales Staff. Get a non-compete agreement. Even though they don’t hold their weight in court they are a great scare tactic.

Good luck.

I could see where this could get risky. Like mentioned above. How about if the person strictly provided potential clients with info on your company/references/a marketing piece/offer, and a free estimate, which they call and schedule with the owner, eliminating the knowledge of what the job will be done for etc. Plus it allows the potential client to meet who is going to be doing the work at their house etc? Just a thought . As far as compensation, I got stuck on that too. I wanted to find some middle ground that made it worth their while, and good for me too. Maybe a set amount per residential house scheduled?

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We have not used a non-employee, however I have always had outside salespeople. None of them by the way had ever cleaned glass before. They eventually bid jobs and did pricing when they could and if the unusual came up I was called and we worked it out.

I would nt worry about other people starting businesses around you. If it happens it happens who cares it not a part of your business. Stay focused on what you are trying to do not what may happen.

I have always salaried and commissioned my salespeople. A salesman to me is advertising and I look at that position as any other advertising and have posted here on several occasions…I want three times return on any form of advertising or it isnt worth it to me. So if I am paying 25,000 a year and at the end of the year I paid 20,000 in commissions that person had better of brought to the company 135,000 that year. So far I have not had a problem. I have had the problem that I thought we could have done more but the goals were always met.

I’m bumping this thread because I’ve had a few ideas lately.

I know a guy who’s working part time and I’d like to get him to help me deliver flyers to residential and do some commission sales work for small to mid size commercial. I don’t want him as an employee though. I’d pay him cash per 1000 flyers delivered and some form of commission deal for commercial sales.

The commercial jobs I’m seeking should range between $50-$150 preferably on monthly visits. I’m just not sure what the commission should be. I wouldn’t expect to be having a long term arrangement with this person so it would have to be a one time payout. How much though?

Am I dreaming or is this doable?

How would you be sure he was delivering the fliers and not dumping them?

this has been my fear

There’s never any real guarantee when hiring anyone to do fliering. If you hire an outside agency, you don’t know these people at all. At least I know this guy and if he dumps, oh well, I’ll probably figure it out anyway because I generally get the same % return per campaign.

I’m not even sure about the fliering part. I might use him, I might not.

I’m more interested in the second part of my question regarding sales commission for a non-employee for commercial sales. Any ideas? I’ve heard of people trying this without success but I’m sure there’s gotta be a way of making it work.

Its doable…

As for the sales commission… would pay out 1 months value of the account… with a signed service agreement… I don’t recall if you use those or not.

As for flier delivery maybe $100 bucks per thousand? I know around here you could realistically put out a thousand fliers in one day… and we are kinda in the woods. At that point its teetering on getting close to what postage would be on them… Here at least im not sure how Canadian postage is on comparison.

I was thinking something like that or 10% of projected year gross if there is a service agreement.
Case scenario (monthly): $50 per visit x 12 months= $600 x 10% = $60
Of course if they can only get them to sign for quarterly or bi-monthly, their commission would be lower.

I see companies advertising here that they’ll deliver 1000 fliers for $50. That seems way too low to me, that’s why I would want to know the person. Maybe I’ll shoot for the middle ground. $75 per 1000.

Canadian postage is .54 not sure about bulk rates or plans. Last time I check it wasn’t much cheaper.

Around my area it cost $200 per 1000 fliers. I went to our lcal university and foud 2 guys to do it for $50 each and it was done in 1 day. I drove my car and made sure the fliers were distributed. The response has been about 1.5%, is that normal?

I have my window cleaners pass out fliers on days that we aren’t cleaning windows. They realize that if we don’t have work they don’t make any money. So no fliers get dumped and every door is hit.

As far as sales people who don’t work for me, I have hundreds! They are my existing customers and they are the best sales people I could ever ask for.

When you guys are talking about service agreements are you talking about an agreement to work together or a contract to do a certain amount of work?

Yeah that sounds about right. I’ve recently made connections with a guy who deals with the big wigs in my service counties everyday as a part of what he does for a living, I’m not talking property managers, I’m talking like property owners that own 12 different apartment complexes and the larger commercial buildings.

We’ve made an agreement, he gives out my commercial pamphlets that I made specifically targeting these guys, and gets 10% of what I make off the gig for a year. 60,000 yearly contract = an easy 6,000 commission check, we both win :slight_smile:

I have used Boy and Girl Scout Troops to hang fliers. I make a “donation” to their troop and give them a residual 10% on any work done as a result of their efforts. I even put a line on the fliers that says I will make a donation to the troop for every customer that responds to the flier.

I am kinda’ hoping on the scouts havin’ a little honor to follow through

Did the $50 each work out to be minimum wage or above?

Who charges the $200?

Hi all,
I’m new so getting customers has been my biggest issue. However, I have started a lucrative referral program that I put on all my sales letters, fliers, estimate forms and invoices. I started that in early Jan of 2013 and it has worked wonders. I don’t get many referrals from high end residential customers but I do get a lot from mid class neighborhoods from people that are not even a customer they just want to supplement their incomes. So I target mid class with my estimate for each home and place it in an envelope along with my sales letter and the referral guide. A lot of those customers end up sending me loads of customers! My fingers are still crossed but I began in Jan 2013 and have not advertised other than direct marketing/door to door any referral program and I already have 91 residential customers almost all of them are from referrals. I pay 15% to anyone who refer us turns into a paying job we give 15% of the cost of the job and there is NO limit on how many referral checks you can collect. We pay all of our referrals out every week. Thanks and good luck