Has anyone used Home Advisor?

Has anyone on here used home advisor? If so how did it work out for you? Im interested in giving it a shot

I just started out. Pretty decent. Landed $600 so far. Cost $90 in leads. I set my monthly cap at $100

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How long did it take to land $600 worth?

A little over a month. I’m not overly aggressive with the leads though. I try to get them to fill a responsibid out on my site.

Call me tomorrow, I’ll give you the run down on how to crush it with home advisor.

Cool will do, thanks man.

I bid a job from Home Advisor today worth over $800 and I feel good about it. They give us a lot of dead ends too, but overall we like it.

yeah but the dead ends are cheap enough that when you do win one, you make up for it. I was very skeptical about Home Advisor at first but it worked out

I had it last year and tried it again this year. My ROI was not good at all. (But I’m a pw). 16.43 a lead and I had a 400.00 cap. Closed 2 and just broke even. That’s not worth it to me. But I m in a area that saturated with PW’ers.

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I’m on the fence w/ HA. I do carpet cleaning too. Ive had 19 leads so far, and have done 2. Get a lot of people lookin for low price on carpet cleaning. I also map the places to see where they are at before I respond. Sometimes I don’t like the low quality area and don’t even bother. Still playing though but need this to do better for me or I’ll cancel

go to your profile and set it up so you only get leads from the zip codes you want

I’m listed as a pw’er and window cleaner. Still yet have a single pw job roll through

I signed up 2 days ago. I have got 3 leads and booked one job. Already made up the lead cost plus some. SO far worth it. Hope it stays like this.

Did u put me down as a referral to get your $100 in free leads?

sorry I had already signed before placing on here. What is the best contractor website for work? Have any one used redbeacon or thumbtack?

Did they waive your sign up fee?


Kinda. They gave me 100 in credit for bids. So 100 to sign up and then a free 100 in bids. So far I have made 350 off of the 100.

[MENTION=10695]Anolog139[/MENTION], did you sign up?

I just wonder what the sign up fee is for actually… Maybe I should have new client fee…


I have signed up for home advisor and thumbtack. I don’t know what the hundred dollar sign up fee was about but it turned into $350 profit.