Has anyone used this chemical for artillery fungus?

Artillery Fungus and Spore Remover - House Washing Chemicals Roof Cleaning

“[I]The key to being able to successfully remove these spots from buildings and siding is to get to the problem as soon as possible. Infestations that are cleaned [B]within a few weeks[/B] after occurrence can almost always be completely removed. After a few months of the spores hardening on any surface, however, your chance of completely removing all traces may be significantly reduced[/I]”

my guess is that the infected area has been sitting for months or years before a homeowner decides to hire someone to come clean it up. so according to that website. if you dont act within a few weeks your chances of cleaning it off are slim to none.

Haven’t found or heard of anything that works.

Mr Clean magic eraser and elbow grease. I have never found a customer willing to pay what it’s worth to remove it.

Sounds way to good to be true. And they are promising minimal results from an over priced general cleaner(Artillery Spores and More is a multi-purpose cleaner. Cleans:Atmospheric soils, Auto and diesel exhaust, Some oxidation stains) Just seems like an oxy clean commercial to me.

Never tried it, I just can’t imagine that it would work. I haven’t ever found a home owner ready to pay for it either.

It doesn’t even require much elbow grease. Just have to be willing to wipe down entire affected area. Time consuming but not a killer physically. Still takes time.

As little as 60 min dwell time? I know I could scrape ten windows in that time.