Has the latest Economic forecast affected your 2008 marketing spend?

Has the latest Economic forecast affected your 2008 marketing spend?

What is the latest economic forecast?

I am not sure if any impact will be felt or not.

If it is harder to get sales, cutting down on marketing would be suicide. However, the ads will need to improve or adapt to whatever current situation we find ourselves in.

Spot on reply! I too am waiting with all this talk to see exactly what’s going to happen.Unfortunately only time will tell?

doom and gloom Larry doom and gloom

Stop it Chris; you’re scaring me.

I cut back on my YP ad this year to a savings of $400.00 per month. I am going to spend it on more of “in your face " type of marketing. Direct Mail, Fliers, spreading out into new areas. Calling people more frequently, getting my reminder files in order etc. I hate to say that " the sky is falling” but im trying to prepare myself, my company, employees for anything that may happen. Stacking my jobs in certain regions (Due to gas$$) is one of my major concerns with becoming lean and profitable this year. Marketing this year will be a huge part of our arsenal. Dont plan on cutting back- definately will spend more.


I’m spending more on advertising this year but it’s not due to the latest economic forecast. It’s just that my business is growing. I’ll soon be into my 4th year.

In the past years I’ve had a Yellow Page add, flyers, direct mail outs, truck signs, business cards, company T-Shirts, etc.

This year I now have a website along with an even better Yellow Page add and a listing on DEX-online in addition to the previously mentioned forms of advertising.

I’m actually finding that referrals and word of mouth are getting me a lot of work but I’m still gonna use various forms of advertising.

As I get more established I may cut back on advertising because I’m a one man show and can’t do but so much work by myself.

This year has been fantastic so far!

Hey Steve can I ask how you are stacking? Do you do like certain areas on certain days only or? I am trying to due this as well… In theory it works at the beginning but as it comes closer to “the day” it always seems to fall apart… people need to change schedules… whatever something always seems to wreck it.

We are actually spending a quite a bit less on marketing this year. It really has nothing to due with the economy though. We are just spending a little smarter.

Chris, We are “trying” but it all doesn’t fall into place that easy (im sure you know this). When you have a half day open on the schedule, you have to fill it with what comes available at the time. Its tough and im sure that there is no method or system of doing it 100% in the companies favor. Its just a really good idea to keep in mind when you are trying to set an appointment up for someone. We have switched out jobs all the time when we see a client that is nearby and is scheduled for the next day. It works a whole lot better when they are out onlys. No need to come in and most people dont care if you do them a day or two early.


[COLOR=Black]I went with smaller YP ads this year but added a listing under gutter cleaning, so I actually have more exposure. I am interested in doing more promotional marketing this year with give aways etc… I am also hitting email big time. We are currently trying to capture every e-mail address possible.[/COLOR]

We are currently trying to capture every e-mail address possible.

Super smart. I need to do a better job of this myself.

I just read that YP ads are down 28% this year… and falling like a brick, like their readership.

Smart to invest elsewhere

Where did you read that, i heard AT&T Yellow pages is cutting back there distribution by a lot. I also heard that Valley yellow pages which is a local competitor is stepping up there distribution this year.

The local rep is trying to sign me on a super good deal for this year, it is only about $2500 for the full year which includes a 1/4 page add, a small business add in another section, and a online posting.

I just have never really been a big fan of the yellow pages, seems like a lot of money.

This economy is scary but i hope it doesn’t effect the ones who purchase window cleaning.
I think for the most part people who purchase window cleaning services are people who are smart with their money, and should be able to do fine in a economic down turn.
I live in Santa Rosa CA and sometimes when i got out to eat, or do other things i have a hard time believing where in a recession. I do have a bonus since i live in wine country which has billion dollar tourism economy.

On a upswing the stock market is slowing creeping up, and if you look at a 5yr overlook of the stock market it has never been higher in 2004 the Dow index was down around 8000 and in 2007 it rose to 14000, right know it is 12600.
Seems like wealthy peoples spending is tied to the stock market.

Another good thing i found out when talking to a local remodeling contractor is since people cant sell there homes right now, until the value goes back up. They are upgrading and making their current homes nicer by redoing kitchens, bathrooms and landscaping seems to be going on like crazy. That might be a plus for window washers.

But only time will tell!

I have a new tactic that I have been using on phone book people for the past 6 months. Im in I think about 20 books.

Renewal time comes up… you say sure ill renew as long as there is no price increase. Phone books love price increases they insist on giving you 1 every year. Starting in like August I just refused increases…

With some of the companies they called and warned me 5-10 times telling me that the deadline was rapidly approaching and I was gonna miss out on big sales if I didn’t renew.

I refused every increase and not 1 of the 20 some odd books canceled me… I renewed them all. Try it out if your the gambling type, most likely they will cave in to your demand.

how do you know it is a good deal? do you have any projected earnings from this ad?

what if you get 5 calls

YP sucks because we can’t correct our ads. If it is bombing we are in for the long haul. Most people only think about what they pay per month ($208 in this case) If they asked for $2500 now, would you do it? Why would you do it?

You could get 100,000 full color fliers for this kinda money and I guarantee you extreme differences in profit.

People go in the book just because… I will never enter one again. There is just too many way better ways to market.

The book is a losing horse, bet on a winner.