Haunted Houses

Most of us think along the same lines about off season add-ons, christmas lights and such, but does anyone out there put on or help with Halloween festivals for the labor day lull. The last two weeks have been pretty slow, and I have kicked the idea around for a couple years because I always loved the festivals put on at Six Flags and the Dallas area. Being that I’m in a resort town, it has to be multi generational friendly, but I figured we could do the Arts and Crafts thing on weekends early on and then switch it to Halloween centered late September. Right now with slow season would be perfect for doing the building, and then its pretty much a night job once the season kicks in.

I do have the possibility of using the local “abandoned” Girl Scouts Camp, so it pretty much screams for the Friday the 13th theme;)

I’m thinking surely Juggernaut has explored this at some point, should have hit him up for ideas while he was bored in GA!