Have you ever gotten this one from realtors to increase your business

This is how the call goes from the realtor . Do you want to get a ton of business? Duh of course. Well if you do my home for free I’ll refer you to ALL of my clients and you’ll get so much business you won’t know what to do. I normally say just get me 5 window washes and I will then do your house for free. Never hear back. And I’ve gotten this a ton of times. I wonder if I got a realtor some houses to sell if they would sell my house for free

Who would do that? Id tell that realtor to go waste someone else time and money

Holy!! I just did a realtor dec. 22nd She calls me On the 19th an wants it done before Xmas …of course you do. had to price it over the phone , I give her the price tell her it’s a ballpark based on what your telling me . She says wow that’s a lot (of course it is ) I’m a realtor I will get you a lot of business can you do it for x… I love when people think I was born yesterday. So I was like that is awesome I really appreciate the xtra work really nice of you to recommend me. I would love to give you a discount on each house you get me lets keep track of each house that comes my way via you an I will give 15% off for each house on your next window cleanings . I love that moment of silence . She turned out to be one of the pickest person I ever dealt with I did the whole outside came in expecting to see my guy cleaning downstairs was like ok. I started cleaning y Half the downstairs my guy comes down ,an was like bro she is nuts we going to have to redo all upstairs windows I was like what I went up look around there was nothing I get him an show me what she is talking about there was one window in the bathroom that needed redoing no prob ofcource I’ll fix it. Finished up an she was like ok who is going to come with me so we can go over all these downstairs windows Mike do you wanna come oh yes please me pick me. Long story short it was all hard water staining it was great cause as she is picking out stuff I was like that can’t come off no ma’am not with a regular cleaning , but before I leave I can give you an estimate for all these stains it’s considered restoration. Knowing dam well there is no way she is going for it I had to just point out one really bad window an say ya that one would be 40 I’ll put everything in an estimate for you. It’s to my belief she was like this just because I wouldn’t do it for the price she wanted contingent to her getting all these million dollar houses. Now hey maybe she could maybe she would of, but that is not the way to run a business an why do people think you will except there open promises . Ah whatever … Not this guy!
People… Ya recommend me an you havnt even seen what I can do. Come on people who are you talking to " Really"

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Should ask them how many houses they sold last year. Apparently you can look that sort of stuff up. If they’re selling 200 homes a year, then we’ll talk.

Ya I hear ya ! … But the fact if the matter is business don’t work that way like dexter says hey Mrs realtor will you sell my house for me an drop your commission. I have my Aunt, an my cousin not to mention I’m very popular an well like in my community
I will send everyone I know your way .
Here is another one hey Mr Mechanic. If you do that water pump for me I have a big family we will all switch over an make you our exclusive mechanic
Funny my brothers good friend tried to even pull that on me. Hey mike need my house power washed how much John for you 250.00. He goes listen my brother an his sister-Inlaw want it done also . So don’t forget my discount ha ha john that price is discounted already but I’ll tell ya what after I do them them I’ll come do you an we can talk. Chuckle chuckle . Good old john gave it a try
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I don’t get the fetish with working for realtors.

I know there are exceptions to every rule but for the most part they are self concerned.

Yeah you can go to your local board of realtor and get that info ,

You can also become a member for about $150 a year, and you can be at their weekly meetings and make a small introduction every meeting .

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Thats crazy!

I often get, “Can you do it for $X.00 dollars less? If you do, we’ll always use your company.” To which I respond, "Sure thing! I’ll give you that deal… on your second cleaning."
Then for some strange reason they don’t schedule. Isn’t that odd.

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