Having help on a job and workers comp

Hey WCR nation
So i have a big building that i bid on, and they gave me a packet of information that they need me to sign and what not. like insurance requirements and equipment use etc. Its seven storys and im going to have my friend help me on it. Usually we do this and i just give him cash for the help. A little taboo but im still starting out and learning the ropes.
with this new building they want the names of everyone on the building working with me and if so they have workers comp requirements. Or if im to sub-contract out the work they need all there information too.

What im asking whats better in this situation for now. Have my friend get a business license real quick and sub out the building to him? or just get workers comp and have him work with me for my company? Would this be expensive to do?

Let me know if you need me to add any information to this quarry.


Why not just operate a legit business?

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in your avatar you look so young, i feel you bro, im just starting out too (6 months).
I had a bid for a commercial property too and with no money to hire an employee I found
a solution.

in my city we have a local work force program that sources out workers and keeps their payroll. all I would need
to pay is an hourly fee for the employee which is really reasonable. not sure what service this would be called
in your city but im sure there is one.

after looking at your website and claiming that you been in business for 6 years, im with Larry, you should be legit by now.

Alright. well i was mainly just wondering if i should sub contract or get workers comp for this one particular job. I mean i run a legit business meaning with licensing and insurance and knowledge. Just don’t have employees. ill think ill go sub-contract route. love me some mid rise buildings.

You need to find out what constitutes a sub. Does he operate his own business? Can he prove it by it being registered with the state? Does he have his own equipment, insurance? It goes on. If all these aren’t satisfied, you ultimately are his employer and responsible if anything goes wrong. Be careful!

Most likely if you sub it out or not you will still need to provide your own workers comp and liability policy. Plus the subs policies. Check with your contact there to see what they will accept. Temp agencies for the most part do not allow their employees to work over 2 stories so check on that also.