HD ladder supply clearance

Stopped by Home Depot today, Louisville Ladder leg levelers normal price $70. On sale for $22, not my favorite levelers but I’ll throw them on my 16’. Husky ladder stabilizer on sale $15. 2 foot Husky stepladder $25.

Just thought I would share.

To the person who posted the other day about Mr. Longarm poles @ Lowes thanks.

Alberto E.:):slight_smile:

You’re welcome!:wink:

Thanks Tony, I thought it was you.:slight_smile:

How many did you end up getting?

The last 6-12 footer, already had the 2-4 footer. I think I have enough poles now. Now I just need to pick up more work.:slight_smile:

Here in Mass, they are selling all their Louisville ladders too, at roughly %50 off, 28ft is $119, 24 is $75, 16 ft is $49,There was a few of each left in the one i was in today

Holy Huck:D