Health Insurance

We are looking into offering health insurance to our employees. There is just so much information that we really don’t know where to start. Does anyone have a company that they use and could recommend or any suggestions on where to look for the best rates etc.

We use Horizon Blue Cross blue shield… We get it through our regular insurance agent… I think it costs about $180 per employee.

Thanks! I’ll start there.

I use HealthNet,
they are cheaper then bluecross
i pay $110.00 per month

We use Anthem BC/BS. 140.00 per employee, 2500 deductible, 80/20 or something like that, 10 bux per perscription. My guys seem to like it well enough.

We split the cost 51/49 with them.

Hey Chris, I noticed you said 180 per employee. Is that per month? Also, do you pay the health insurance or do you make them pay it or do you split it?


Bump. I am also looking for health insurance. Most of the brokers I have talked to say you need a minimum of three employees before they will write the policy. We just have two because the other two are part-timers and have insurance elsewhere. Anyone know where I can go for such a small group policy?


I’d love to hear more on this. Details on policies for small companies and what the monthly cost is for employer & employee

Perhaps even a webinar?

I work at a medical insurance company as my regular job (not in sales but customer service) and a bunch of the smaller groups that we insure went to an insurance broker with other smaller business and split the payments of one plan. Maybe try calling the broker back and see if they are willing to do that with you. Hard part is agreeing on a plan that works for all business involved.

A couple large names are united health care, regence, aetna just to name a few.

Where are you located? I know someone that use to work in sales and knows a lot of brokers but I’m I’m Washington state.

I’d like some info on that too… What’s the total cost? Before the split… Is there an employee minimum?? We only have 2 employees.

Thanks, but we figured it out and have had health insurance for about 5 years now for all of our employees

Linda, do you have part-timers as well? What company have you used?

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Join NASE (National association for the self employed) for $120.00 per year ($10.00 per month) where you can get insurance even if you are a one man show. They have good pricing too. The membership comes with a list of other benefits like free tax and legal advice, life insurance, RA tax savings on non insurance medical expenses, 20% savings on quickbooks, etc. Check it out National Association for the Self-Employed - Helping Start and Grow Businesses

Maybe Chris could add create an insurance group through the WCRA and add it as a benefit?

Nase I had it years ago wasnt very good

We have a total of 10 full time employees. Our health insurance is through Harvard pilgrim.