I’m not sure I will work past noon or 1:pm at the latest during these hot summer months. 92º out with a heat index of 108º!! I’m drenched in sweat from head to toe, drank plenty of water, but feeling like toast today. Home in the A/C having lunch; thankfully nothing scheduled until tomorrow morning then laying low for the week or so after eye surgery on Wednesday.

So how’s your day?

2 jobs today house wash small patio , then exterior window clean and another small patio. Down by 12, but not as hot today. Cloudy day with no humidity.
Good for you , I’m with you in these crazy hot days. I try not to book to heavy. 5-6 hours that’s it.
I’m good with that !!

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Todays job got canceled, lots of people cancelling because of the monsoon season . But pretty much in the vegas summer heat I don’t work outside pass noon , it’s just too hot and draining after then

Got a house to do today good thing it’s cloudy and cool here 73º :sunglasses:

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I was beginning to think it was just me. Out in that heat my energy gets completely zapped. It is brutal for sure.

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I’m at the beach for a week, sorry guys


Are you back to solo ?

99 degrees on Thursday. Get that Gatorade and LaCroix out, its gonna be the hottest day of the summer.

For real though, I have an extra guy on now and I’m going to be a mercenary in the field that day. Hopefully we can get everyone back to the shop by lunch lol


No I have a helper