Heavy Scrubbers or Squeegees?

I see looking though the forums that there seems to be a big issue with using heavy over weighted scrubbers when wet or for that matter also squeegees.

But then I also see there are the people that it is not a problem with this issue.

Personally I have no problems with weighty scrubbers.
Although with squeegees it’s not really the weight.
It’s how I grip it and I am not going into this as it has been discussed enough in other threads.

Anyway the thing I would like to know what reason that the weight issue in regards to the scrubbers and squeegee.

Is it your body, the design of scrubber or squeegee or some other reason?

I do a lot of windows. The weight is hard on the body. Try walking around while carrying weight and
without weight. Which is easier?

its a fine balance - get a good scrubber that holds a ton of water (e.g. red pulex microtiger) and it will kill your arm on the afternoons , go light such as a Wagtail scrubber and you waste much time RE-wetting it over and over .
At the moment i use an 14" Unger swivel Tbar ,with the grip padded out with self- amalgamating rubber and a SYR tiger sleeve. Doesnt hold a ton of water but rough fibres so it scrubs well

When not using a wagtail (with attached pad), my scrubber is usually the Unger 14” swivel with either a pulex microtiger sleeve or unger green microfibre. I only use a larger scrubber if I’m doing a large job with plenty of large windows. When using tools on a pole tho I don’t have issues with heavy tools but by hand my arms and wrist really feel it after a while. One of my favorite tools in my arsenal is a wagtail (minus the pad) utilizing an 9" steconne featherweight channel. It doesn’t even feel like I have anything in my hand. great for residential work.

squeeges are not the big of a deal for me. i’ve been using the ninja for about two weeks and I love it. the handle feels good the channel clips dont really bother me so much but I’ve been tempted to try the modification thats on the forum that uses the old style clips instead.
what i can’t stand is a heavey scrubber. I’ve always used 18" squeegees and scrubbers and i’ve got an ettore microfiber (blue) scrubber that gets real heavy when its wet. It holds alot of water but after the first couple of store fronts my arm and shoulder start killing me.
I just recently started using a 14" scrubber and its alot lighter.

I been using the Wagtail for about a year. Now if I use a strip washer it seems to be very heavy. I use a bottle on the belt so not problem with wetting

I use a 22 inch Unger Monsoon stripwasher with Unger 22 Ergotech squeegees. Love 'em.

Smaller squeegees and washers cover less glass per stroke BUT you can move them faster than larger more cumbersome squeegees and washers. I’d rather move faster with a smaller, lighter set up. JMPO

I like an 18" squeegee and 14" strip washer on storefronts and a 12" squeeggee and 10" strip washer on homes.

I use 14" scrubber for resi and 18" for commercial/storefront. For me they seem to have the perfect balance of weight, speed, and area covered per pass for the situations I use them in. They both fit in the bucket on a belt so that’s a plus. I’ve always felt that you get better scrubbing power with a smaller scrubber than with a larger one so I don’t use anything over an 18"

For squeegees I like the 6", 12", and 18" on my belt at all times whether it be for commercial or resi. When I’m doing large commercial panes I add a 24" squeegee to the mix and have just ordered a 30" channel to use on select jobs with numerous huge panes.