Hello all

My name is Ted from Florida. I’ve been researching to find out as much info as possible about the business with the hope of soon starting one when I happened on to this site. What a great one it is. I plan to pick the brain’s of the veteran cleaners to learn the do’s and don’ts of the trade. I look forward to listening and learning everything. Thank’s…

Welcome Ted!

Welcome aboard Ted.
Don’t thing that a question might be too stupid to be asked, if you need to know something chances are that someone here will help you.

Welcome Ted! Sit back and kick up yer feet! Alex is buying the first round.:wink:

Welcome Ted…where abouts in Florida do ya live.

cookie monster

Well, I guess so.
Wait… for everyone?:eek:

Hi Ted, welcome.

Of course! Now is no time to get frugal on us Alex.:wink:

Hey Tony, I"m frugal Frank now a days.

That’s better than being called Nancy!:wink: