Hello everyone

Hey guys! This is my 1st post here. I’m new to window washing (started about 4 months ago) and have been reading everything I can on here. Just figured it was time to say hi and thank you all for all of the great info on this site.


Welcome to the forum Derek.


Welcome Derek. Throw your feet up and relax.

What up derek

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Thanks for the welcomes. Just ordered a wagtail, going to see how that works for me with the store fronts I have next weekend.

It should save you some time.

Welcome. I’ve been at this about four months as well. Wagtail is a time saver as is a back flip by ettore. For that matter grab at least one scrim as well. That’ll save you time when it comes to folding towels.

Your buying your toys here right?

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Hello Derek and welcome to the forum!

Welcome Derek.