Hello from Maryland

Hello everyone,

I am entering the professional window cleaning business and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Rick Aker and I live in Maryland. I retired from the US Navy after 25 years of Naval service and have a lot of experience in business, business improvement process, logistics and management. I cleaned my first home exterior, windows and siding, around 20 years ago and have played around with it on my own home and others since. I know I haven’t learned what you have through experience and I am always willing to learn from others. If you would like to share anything on products, equipment, do’s and don’ts I would appreciate hearing them.
I have chosen a name for my business and wanted to see what all you other professionals thought about it.
[FONT=Georgia][SIZE=5][COLOR="#006400"]Bright Exteriors[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
If you have a second to let me know what you think about the name I would appreciate it.

Welcome Rick

Thanks Tony,

I have been reading many of the forum threads this afternoon and see that your involved in many of them. I would like to develop many business acquaintances as well as many new friends, obviously as you have. What did you thing of the name I chose for the business?

What up Rick welcome!!!


Thanks, just doing some home work while the weather is crummy.

Just starting out his spring myself. The members of this forum are a cornucopia of knowledge. Welcome.

For the services you listed it seems to be a good fit, Rick.

Hi Brian,
Thanks, How have you been doing in getting everything together?


Thanks Tony, I plan to take care of roofs, sidewalks and asphalt drives as well.

Welcome Rick, I like the business name. I look forward to hearing your opinions on things.

Hey Tony, is your logo different? Looks good. It looks fresh (even if it isn’t lol)

Thanks Phil,

Welcome… Where in Md will you be servicing ?

Yes Phil. I actually had the friend who originally design it for me do a little upgrade on it. He’s the best. If you want I can pm you his contact info. He does great graphic design. I think Larry L had him do some work.

Id like that thanks

Thanks Tony. I’d like that

Going well. Recently ordered some great flyers from WCR. The staff is terrific. I am anxiously awaiting the warmer weather.

Hey Steve, Thanks
I will be offering services in the southern parts of Maryland along with offering my status with other window cleaners to help increase their ability to get those government contracts on government properties.


Welcome Rick!


I designed my own logo to save some start up costs but would talk to someone for recommendations or even reconstruction of my logo if they were reasonable enough. Should I talk to your friend?