Hello from oz

Hi everyone, I’m Rach from Perth, Western Australia. What a fantastic forum! I’ve learned so much in the last couple of days of lurking… thought I should get around to introducing myself.
I’m currently taking very first steps towards starting my own window cleaning business. I work for a company as a builders cleaner (I’m the window girl) and I love the work, love my colleagues, but the pay is terrible. I am doing some residential work in my spare time and starting to think about a business name, getting insurance, advertising… etc. It’s a little overwhelming, but exciting at the same time. I can see this forum will be a valuable resource for me as I transition from working for the man, to being my own boss. Cheers, Rachael

Hi Rachael, I’m from perth also the midland area, good to hear your making the big step, if u need any advice or tips give me a call Ide be glad to help.
Byron 0413432913
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Welcome Rachel !!
From Australia :slight_smile: I almost made it there for a visit, during my time in the marine corps


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hey welcome to WCR!

G’day mate!
Welcome to the forum.


I’m ex-Sydney, now living and manufacturing in Ningbo, China

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welcome. Floating some name ideas to get feedback might be helpful. There are a variety of philosophies. We have a name that has allowed us to branch into other areas and has been helpful in piercing the corporate shield when doing sales. Our name sounds a bit like a law firm versus a janitorial service company. Enjoy the starting process!