Hello from Washington State

I recently started a window washing business. I used to do this work as a gopher with my father years ago and now I intend to do this work as a second job to raise income for fun stuff and any little extras that may be wanted.
What are your success stories in getting jobs?
What is the most common cleaning solution? I have been using TSP but is there anything out there that is better?
When pricing a job and the customer wants the inside done as well, what do you base price on?
High windows: what is the best method to cut the edges?
What is the best, tried and true techniques? looking for the fastest as I am working at a $20/hr pace. Last job was figured at an hour and took and Hour and a half so I think my technique needs work.
Thanks for the input.
keep “fanning”



What part of the State do you live in?

Welcome Greg

Welcome Greg!

Hello from a fellow Washingtonian

This - and welcome…

Welcome, Greg.

Hey Greg,
Welcome and best to you. With the experience you have it should be no problem tackling jobs. Just keep plugging along. You learn from every job. Say hello to Mike Leach for me. Left Lubbock to go coach the Cougars!!!

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