Hello! New Here!

My name is Giancarlo and I own a small window cleaning business in Riverside, CA. Have been doing it for some time now , probably about 5 years.

I just want to thank the makers of this site for all the info and help, very beneficial!

Welcome! Im only about 30 miles south of you in So. West Riverside county(Canyon Lake/Lake Elsinore) What do you mainly do residential or commercial?

I do both… Yeah you are not too far from where I am at. So how about u? U have a big buisness or small? and is it mostly residential or commercial?

Hey Riverside,

I am in Orange County, sooo not to fr from ya,

Ps: I mostly do residential, thats where the money is


I am glad you said that :smiley:

Welcome to our humble chatting ground

Welcome to the club.

Do a bit of both but…primarily residential because as stated by my Man Doug it is where the money’s at out here anyway.

Nevertheless…we should try & hook up sometime maybe have a little chit chat over a drink? Let you check out my rigs.

Plus…Chris & Alex our forum administrators LOVES pics;)

Welcome aboard Giancarlo!

And as Craig said we love pics!

I am down for that… even though I am probably out of my league.

and I do agree that the houses is where the money is it, but houses dont get you through the winter season…:smiley:

Pics of what?

You, your work, you working, your truck… whatever really

What about Misfits concert photos?

You got it Larry!

Its even Halloween…

Hey!! I finally got some pics of me and my work stuff! Drop me some comments when you got some time.

Later on I will put up some of my tools on here and what not, but this will do for now.

Go to my profile and let me know what you think!

Thats why you bust your hump for 10 months, then go on vacation in Jan-Feb

Welcome to the community!

Hey, great pics there. Nice truck and work wear!

If you’ve got a video camera, don’t forget to add to the ‘video mugshots’ thread.