Hello, New Window Cleaning Lady here! Question-

I have enjoyed reading all the helpful threads on this site! I am just starting out and had a few questions.

I have my flyers done and went out this morning to a few neighborhoods. I pass out about 400 flyers at the crack of dawn and by 8 am I had a lady called threatening to call the police if I didn’t take them all down (about 250) within 1 hour because they had a no soliciting sign in front of the subdivision (I didn’t see as it was kinda dark). I only received 2 complaints so far but this one scared me! Is this the norm? Should I just continue putting flyers on mailboxes or in baggies in the driveway and just apologize when they call?

I am also planning to start a mailing campaign as well as advertise in some local community papers. It seems like a lot of expense starting out but am I on the right path starting from 0 customers?

FYI - I have never cleaned a window except my own when I got my supplies. That’s how new this is to me! Oh and I didn’t take the flyers down!

Thanks for any replies

Welcome to the board!

Thanks, Chris. Any advice? I am in Georgia.


Post up your fliers here for some review.

Keep the fliering up, I started and built my business on fliers. I think there great. I would say keep at it just be sensible about it.

Practice Practice Practice. Put those tools to use every where possible. Do your home, Do you friends and family until your really good.

You want to appear PRO when you snag your first job.

Mailboxes (at least the interiors) are off-limits per the US Postal Service.

Too many complaints from a private community (is there a home owner’s association?) may place a black mark against your name – word travels. Then again, maybe not.

Ha your killing me w/ that avatar Lar.

Is it considered “soliciting” since you are you are not knocking on the door, or advertising?

They get a newspaper delivered, every morning I bet, with a thousand flyers.

Isn’t leaving a flier advertising?

Are they paying for the newspaper?

The whole mailbox and post is off-limits.
Don’t put it on the side, under the flag, or tack it to the post.

If there is a HOA with a busybody or two in it you will get a call from the HOA attorney.

Hey, you can’t learn the absolute boundaries unless you push a little, huh?

I haven’t had any calls so far, but I will tell them that you’re really sorry but you are paying somebody to do that for you, and you will talk to him and that won’t happen again and blah, blah, blah.

That should be enough to shake them off.

Good luck with your new company :slight_smile:

That is what I was inferring.

Good question. That makes it a whole different situation. I came up with the example at 3am. Usually I can do better.

What about television commercials? Soliciting?

If somebody calls to complain, be super professional and apologize. Tell them you will remove the flier’s around their home. This will soften their attitude. Very quickly state, “Since I will be back in your neighborhood, allow me to give you an estimate. I’ll take 25% percent off for the trouble I may have caused you”.

[B]I would not offer this if you’re busy[/B]. But since it would be your first job, or if times are slow, it gets your foot in the door. Even if you don’t get the job, you still leave with a better taste in their mouth.

Generally speaking, I would think that a person who would complain about a simple flier, is the same person who can’t pass up a good deal.

…and is also the person who won’t pay if you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.