Hello. Thank you all for the encouragment offered to all

Hello. My names kenneth i just recently started window cleaning.I owned a tree service for a few years and just couldnt seem to get profitable so while doing that i do other jobs for other employers.I went to toronto to install cell phone antenas and saw a few highrise guys doing windows and i thought AWSOME.Now i am learning this trade and yes it is not easy.I am not on a highrise i just spent 3hrs in a bar cleaning and scraping 20 panes that havent been done in ?6months and the goodi did make 35Bucks lol and i go monthly so i hope be easier.So i thank you all for the welcoming that all new to this receive.An d i also thank WCR it is a great place for the veterans and the rookies.

charge more the first initial cleaning and then reduce the price if they want monthly