Hello to all from Queensland Australia

Hello Adrian here

I have been looking into just window cleaning for a long time as a stand alone business

I owned a carpet cleaning business a few years ago (still have the machine) and offered w/c as an “add on” service however, I’m looking at just doing w/c only now

A few people have asked me if I would repair screens as well, I don’t know???

Ultimately I would like to take on employees doing residential work as I am comfortable working in peoples homes, I have heard of people building their business right from the start with employees.

Would any body be able to offer up some advice on this please? As I would really appreciate it

Any way it’s nice to find this forum hope I meet a few friends on here

all the best

Hey Adrian

Welcome to the group! You can learn to do screen repair its pretty easy… you can basically teach yourself in a day or less, I think we even have a video on how to do it in the video section of this forum.I would say that i basically built my business with employees on residential straight from the beginning. My whole theory was if I had someone helping me I could get twice as much done. Then it just multiplied from there. Fire away if you have any questions.

I think that hiring employees is the way to grow, if you have a steady work flow.

Right now your focus should be making enough for yourself, before bringing others on.

Study marketing


Hi Chris do you offer screen repairs and if so is there good profit in it or should I stick to wc only

Hey Adrian

yep we do offer screen repair and yes it can be profitable.

To keep it profitable we order our supplies in bulk… (spline / screen)

Unlike other companies we do not do it on site. We just have a sign in front of our office that says screen repair. People drop them off and we fix them in our shop. We will bring screens back from a customers house to repair in our shop, but they have to come pick them up.

cool thanx Chris