Hello to all on wcr

My name is Jakub Labelle, owner of Flawless Window and Gutter Cleaning. I live in the beautiful pacific northwest north of seattle. I have a a full time job that is great, but I want to own my own business and eventually work for myself. I am veteran of this great country and through my military background know what hard work and long hours is all about. I am seeking all knowledge and advice anyone is willing to give me as I am relatively new to the industry. I am greatful that I have found this website and will continue to learn more as the days go on.

Welcome Jakub… Read, ask questions and Read some more!! Most questions you my have are posted somewhere here and if not, ask away!!!

Hey Welcome!

Welcome and thank you for your service to our country.

Welcome and thank you for your service. Self employ can be daunting at times. Fight the fight. As others say ask questions and paruse some of the back topics. Some don’t care for questions. Ignore and ask anyway, those other people will help. Best of luck to you.

Welcome, Jakub.

Thanks for the warm welcome. I will defiantely be asking lots of questions