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Iv’e been washing windows part time (summers), a great side business for a high school teacher. I am retiring this year but not slowing down, my plan is to expand my business. I am really intrigued by the tucker pole system and how it might increase revenue. I’m curious if it really does a good job as “face to the window” up close washing. I look forward to sharing ideas with you and being part of the group.

Welcome to the team! I’m sure you’ll find all the answers you need and then some!


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Welcome to the best window cleaning forum. I’m sure you will find all the answers you’re looking for here. If not, someone will have an answer or get it for you.

To answer your first question… In my opinion any wfp is better than face to glass cleaning. With the same results if not better. Some of your grundgier windows with the dirt baked on may need some help with traditional methods first.

I was sceptical at first about the wfp till I bought one and now it’s all I use. Even if you don’t use it on every job, it’s a must have in your arsenal of tools. Even to use just for hard to reach windows that are not accessible with a ladder.


Hey Sean thanks for the info I’m John mcNicholas, I own Shamrock window washing in the Chicago suburbs. I’ve been doing windows for 9 years, all homes except for my dentist office and my friends funeral home. I want to enter the low-rise market can you recommend a wfp that is durable as well affordable. Thanks john

I recommend going to this page and contacting any of these three here at WCR. They would have the info you are looking for.