Hello to everyone

So this is where all the cool kids are hanging out.

Nice lookin site. Bravo!

I will be frequenting through!!! Great site

Excellent site Chris! I’ll be here frequently.

nice chris nice, forum is looking proper!!! thanks for all you do

oops sorry for the mulitple posts. I just figured out what i did wrong.

Hi everyone!
Just poppin’ in to say morning from Berwick upon Tweed, uk.
As said before…nice forum and I love the colours.

I really hope to see more of an International presence on this forum.

Get on it Chris :smiley:

Yeah Im trying … I just invited our old friend paneless from Canada hopefully he shows up soon.

Greetings from cold Canada.

Nice to be back with y’all.

Looking forward to helping + being helped.

Hey [B]Clearly[/B] ( I mean “Deeper Clean” ) and hey to you too, [B]CFP[/B]

Just wanted to say hi. Nice job on the site.

This forum looks nice! Kinda like a windows Vista look. Thanks for the invitation! Looking forward to visiting often.


Hello All, Forum Looks good. :slight_smile:

What is the difference from “Post Reply” and “Quick Reply”

Expanded formatting options?

Quick Reply just lets you bang in a little bit of text "quickly"
Regular reply gives allot of other option… Formatting, better spell check, Inserting images, different fonts etc…

I’m from Canada :slight_smile:

It would be nice to see Paneless, I know him personally.

Ok, where do i change my personal setting to alert me of responses to threads i’m watching??

Never mind i found it, i think. Do you have to set it to each thread? Or is there a way you can just set it one time?

myklmar you spelled colors wrong

Josh, we spell the american word color, as colour in Britain and Canada. He did spell it right. On some words in Canada and Britain we use different spellings.

Clean your finger before you point at my spots. ~ Benjamin Franklin

Hey all. Nice forum. I like that you have to sign up as a member to even see the posts. Hopefully means a little less spam…No “dominators”