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For those that don’t know, Chris also has a window cleaning business. Every Wednesday Shannon from the office will post up a blog post about the inner working of the office. It will be written to appeal to Window Cleaners and All County Window Cleaning customers. It will automatically just post up here every Wednesday. Shannon s first post just gives a little introduction about everybody that works in the office.

We hope you enjoy it.


[COLOR=#cc33cc]Good Morning,[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#cc33cc]All County Window Cleaning is a small, family owned and operated company which offers a lot more than just window cleaning. If you have ever been on our site or used our service you know that we offer an array of other services including gutter cleaning and a new gutter protection, power washing, chandelier and other glass surface cleaning as well as one of our newer services scratched glass removal. I’ll be here regularly to give you an inside look on how this all works but now for some introductions.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#cc33cc]Everyone here is like family even the ones who aren’t blood related including myself fit in. We even fight just like real family. There are 5 of us in the office who keep our business running daily. This doesn’t count the[COLOR=#cc33cc]“Big Guy”[/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc] who started the whole thing, [/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc]Our Sales Person[/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc] or the [/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc]Go To Guy[/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc]; [/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc]I’ll get to them a little later. [/COLOR][/COLOR]

[COLOR=#cc33cc]There’s [COLOR=#000000]“Money Bags”[/COLOR] who handles our collections and payroll, there’s [COLOR=#000000]“The Marketeer” [/COLOR]who handles the mailings and advertising, [COLOR=#000000]“The Don”[/COLOR] who handles all things schedule related, deals directly with the techs in the field and fixes our mess ups that happen from time to time. [COLOR=#000000]“Missy”[/COLOR] who handles the end of the day work, helps get work on schedule and fiddles with money from time to time. Then there’s me [COLOR=#000000]“The Appointed One”[/COLOR] who handles commercial accounts, residential scheduling and gets to stick my nose into everyone else’s’ job whenever I get appointed; which seems to be daily despite the fact they all tell me that I get too worked up about things and tend to act like a maniac at times. Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, It’s part of what I do and apparently I’ve been really good at it until now. (We’ll see how this blog thing goes over…LOL). Anyhow we all function together for the same goals; to keep all the techs out there working and keeping [COLOR=#000000]“The Man”[/COLOR] (that’s what we’ll call the big guy for now) happy.

[COLOR=#000000]“The Man”[/COLOR] is our boss we all answer to and argue with him on a regular basis. I think he likes the fighting personally to burn off all that energy he puts into himself. [/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc][COLOR=#000000]“Mr Fancy Pants”[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc] handles most of our estimates, gets the commercial accounts in the door and loves to fixate on grammar and spelling (I’m sure he’d have a field day w/ this blog) but he is one of the best sales people to deal with. Finally there is [COLOR=#000000]“Negative Nancy”[/COLOR] the go to guy who goes out to investigate issues and heads up the really big projects. [COLOR=#000000]“Negative Nancy”[/COLOR] is one of the best at what he does but gets his kicks off making me nervous saying things can’t be done then completing them before the timeline even expires. Please feel free to use this blog as a reference for everyone I refer to in the future… If any names need to change I’ll let you know. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=#cc33cc]For a small window cleaning company we certainly handle some pretty large tasks regularly and the purpose of this blog is to share experiences with the public, customers and competitors included plus it’s slightly entertaining. We love feedback good or bad and are always looking to improve things. If you don’t believe me ask anyone including [COLOR=#000000]“The Man” [/COLOR]who changes his mind on things more times than any of us can count. This is a good thing I guess because the reality is being on your toes is a necessity to stay alive in this business as with any. [/COLOR]


To help decipher the characters apparently I am [COLOR=#cc33cc][COLOR=#000000][B]“The Man”

[/B]Alex is:[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc][COLOR=#000000][B]“Negative Nancy”

[/B]and Sean The Salesman is:[/COLOR][/COLOR][COLOR=#cc33cc][COLOR=#000000][B]“Mr Fancy Pants”

[/B]But either way this should end up being a pretty cool weekly feature here. Hopefully it gives everyone a little insight on how a larger sized Window Cleaning business is run.

I’m not negative… I’m a realist.

“Mr. Fancy Pants!?!?!”

You know I like that, you can’t fault me for having amazing fashion sense. It just goes along with all the other aspects that make me who I am. And just what am I, you ask? The greatest person ever*!!

I leave you all to ponder that!

*At least that’s what my mom tells me.

Legal Disclaimer: Everyone should agree with Sean Dolan’s mom.

Thanks for editing “[B]That twat from Spain[/B]” - appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

I reckon that [B]Negative Nancy[/B] does all the work whilst [B]The Man[/B] plays solitaire on the computer all day whilst eating heart-attack protein. :smiley:

Thats not a nice word Karlos.

Its funny how certain words pass for light usage (as this does in the UK) & others don’t? The worse you can call someone here in Spain is a goat!

Feel free to moderate… :wink:

Realistically negative?

Just call me practical Pete.

Someone owes me an apology.

I am offended at “Fancy pants”.
We here in the Phil house choose not to use the FP word. Having grown up in a house-hold wherein everyone had to wear pants there were in fact, ‘fancy’ as a result of our uncle Fancy who made them.

Our entire area wore ‘fancy’ pants as they were relatively inexpensive and one size fit all. I still own many of the FP’s still today…and frankly am proud of them.

I insist the name be changed to ‘sugar britches’.

I am in awe how anyone could have been so insensitive.

wait till I tell gary. The he’ll something to moan about.

U never fail to disappoint Phil…

That is because you see the soul Kevin.

Kindred souls have a better view.

Kindred souls choose A New View!:stuck_out_tongue:

Hold on here…I think I said this BACKWARDS!!!

I was trying to say that you’re hilarious…but I think I came across as bashing you! Doh…SOOO sorry.

“You never fail to make me laugh my butt off!”

Kevin, I knew how you meant it bro. I took it the way you intended. :slight_smile:

I dislike PANTS, much rather run around in my naked house.

You mean your house has no clothes???:eek:

No clothes and no curtains.