I guess I should make a formal introduction since I have had something put in the fridge. My name is Jay, I work for Tollins Window Cleaning. I started working for Linda’s dad Marty in 1999. I left for a couple of years to try going out on my own. Wife got pregnant and I am horrible at the marketing thing so we couldn’t wait to get established and I went to work for The Red Shirts:mad:. It sucked. Linda and Bill asked me if I would come back to work for them and here we are. My specialities are having the guy on my crew that no one else wants, getting painted shut windows open, and telling people about Bills work with old men.:wink:


Do you like bacon?

Yeah… I’m kinda worried what Bill does with old men.

Anyway, welcome to WCR!


cookie monster

oh… hey Jay.
I remember you told me your screen name but I couldn’t remember.