Hello Everyone.

My name is Brandy.

I own a business that provides financial and management services to other businesses. So basically we help you run your business and help with bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax, ect.

I have also owned a window cleaning company with my husband for 15 years and running.

We are stationed out of the beautifully state of Arizona, only 112 degrees today, whoop whoop!

Na man … You just send her your money an she’ll manage it for you

Send me some too I’ll spend it for you


Welcome to the forum Brandy.

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Ha! Nothing.

and Majectic66 - I manage nothing, except my business and my kids (and that one really feels hit or miss).

I’m in Arizona too. 112 degrees hasn’t ever ever ever made me wanna say Whoop Whoop. Welcome Anyway

Well thank you.

Hey it’s better than the 120+ we were having

Hello Brandy and welcome to the forum!