Hi Everyone. I am new to this forum (been on National Window Cleaning Directory but not here yet) and wanted to introduce myself. I just started Bella Shine Window Cleaning last year and am really looking forward to a good “real” first year in business. I’m happy to see some familiar names here and am looking forward to meeting the rest of you!

That’s pretty much it. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait to read through all the good info on this forum! I’m sure I’ll have lots of questions in the near future as I have on the National Window Cleaning Directory.

Again, just wanted to throw all of you a BIG FAT HELLO!



Chris and Alex are the greatest!

Manuel’s good at chess.

Sign the Sörbo petition!

Welcome Tracy!


Chris, I love your new avatar

Welcome Tracy

welcome to the forum. Good luck with your business

Nice to see you made your way over Tracy


Are you making fun of my nose?


Chris and Alex (or Alex and Chris?) are super cool.

llaczko hasn’t mentioned if he plays chess or not.

All the cool kids are signing the Sorbo Petition.

Hi. Welcome to the site. I’m new and the info I’ve gotten from the site has been very helpful. I’m in NW Indiana, maybe not far from where you are located. If you ever need a hand with a big job let me know. Welcome again and take care!


welcome to WCR I think you will find some of the best minds in window cleaning at your service. The 5th beatle Varitek

Pete Best?

you got it man

Then you know Stuart Sutcliffe. He post on NWCD.

He’s been having headaches.