Help add to the Portable Porthole Demo idea

So I had this idea as I was eating blueberry waffles and watching family guy (Which I rarely do):

I’m using this for scratch removal, one application is simply taking it to a shop owner with damaged glass and saying "here we can do this for you, and save you $x on replacing the glass).
I lined up a $250 scratch removal job while eating lunch at quiznos just because I brought that in with me while I was eating, but you could use the same idea and coat one half with that nano tech stuff and go sell that service using a squirt bottle and your portable window if you will.

I have a LOT of these bad boys, I have some pretty neat plans for some of them but am seeking ideas for what I could do with the other bunch of them I have.

Lets here your best ideas!.. What else could I use a fat stack of these “portable porthole demos” for? they fit perfectly in padded envelopes :wink:

I would enclose a letter and a Rate sheet with the porthole demo glass and mail them to every commercial property management company in SD area (CB Richard Ellis, Ellis Grubb, Colliers Int. etc.). With the gluttony of un-leased commercial property on the market these guys are going to be looking for a cheap way to make their properties look awesome. This could also lead to some Window Cleaning accounts as these are the people who own the buildings (or at least manage them).

Love the idea!

Send me a couple so I can use them to show my customers here in Fla.!

Defiantly has the WOW factor

Thanks for the ideas guys, I’m going to try a few of them in the next couple of months.

Heres another, I have a quite a few, but I paid for the glass (1/4 inch) and they take me almost an hour total to make (gotta scratch that glass up too) If you or really wants one and you have the glassrenu system. I highly recommend making a couple of these, but if you don’t want to or have the time, I having a ton cranked out and would be wiling to part with a few

Actually, I’m looking at these things and thinking what Cody said is pretty smart, I think I’m gonna need help from Kevin or Paul or Seth or anyone who wants to help out with the Sales sheet that will go with it (the custom bid will be separate from the sales sheet).

I’m willing to pay and even pay top dollar if the creativity and [B]effectiveness[/B] area on par with the portion of the marketing piece that its going along with (the glass demo) But I’d rether TRADE,
anyone want to trade for SEO?
SEO is very broad and involves alot so even if you already rank well there is always more we can do, unless your comany takes up all 10 spots on page one for every term, then there is still more SEO work to do if you want to pick up ever possible dollar on the google table.

What would cause such bad scratching, dogs?

Pretty nifty btw.

Dogs probably wouldnt scratch THAT bad, but punk kids with rocks would.