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Looking for some help bidding this 4 story building. They are looking to just have the exterior of the windows cleaned. The problem is the windows are not ‘true’ French pane. The grids are not sealed to the window so in reality it’s just one big window with a metal grid to make it look like French panes. They said the last company that cleaned them did it with a pole and the windows looked “horrible” afterwards. I don’t know how you could clean these without the water dripping down onto your cleaned windows. I counted around 4300 panes. Any suggestions?

Yeah looks like you’re in luck. It looks like an easy job to me. I just finished a job like that that were all frenchies. Thousands of panes. You can do that in a couple of days. Are they only cleaning a certain floor? Usually you start from the top down.

You could rent a lift and do it that way or clean it with a wfp if that works. Depending how dirty they are and the playability of the property manager. I 'd say $900. If they are all reachable with a pole. If you need to rent a lift… $1300

That is strange, they look like french panes. So I’m assuming that if you were to clean these windows as if they were french panes the metal grids would leak through, correct?

In my opinion you have 4 options:

  1. Waterfed pole: It sounds like the last guys used one and did a bad job and the owners want to try a different method. The only way I’d use a WFP again is if you are 100% sure you can get great results on these windows.

  2. 40’ Ladder: Looks like a 40’ will just barely reach the top of these. Will it be time efficient though?

  3. Lift: Unlike Fast Fanner, for me to rent a lift, usually adds $700 to the total quote after insurance, delivery, ect.

  4. Roof descent: Might be overkill for a 3 story, but you will be right on the window.

I would personally use a 40’ ladder (if it didn’t reach, do roof descent). That way you can get right on the window, and if you have to do extra detailing because the grids are leaking you will have the glass right in front of you. Worst case scenario, you have to wet towel, dry towel them.

The fact that the owner had a bad experience before with a wfp indicates that you could probably charge a premium for using a different method. You definitely don’t want to bid low on this job, its going to be time consuming. Do what you feel the most comfortable with.

The lift is the way to go… It’s all flat concrete around the whole building an It’s only three stories. You can get at these windows easy. He could have it done in a day for 900.00 plus lift price.

Kind of reminds me of a building near me, Western Knitting Mills right in downtown Rochester, MI. @JfromtheD and @c_winiger You guys know what I’m talking about?

okay what do you mean by not true French windows. Either they’re French windows or they’re not. That makes a big difference in price. French windows where I live cost around .50 so that would be 4300x.05=2150plus lift for outs that aren’t that dirty. If it’s been 50 yrs since the last cleaning I’d charge More. Those windows look pretty new though.

Your lucky then if you’ve never run across this type of window. Have you ever done a residential door that has the plastic grids on it that aren’t sealed to the glass and let water drip through? That’s what these are like.

This space for rent!

Price it as if you were going to squeegee them. When they say yes clean a few windows for them with your wfp make sure there acceptable for them , which if you do it right they will be. Then proceed , an knock it out if the park.

Good luck !!

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Hey Lance!

I’m happy you have this opportunity!

Question. How old are these windows?