Help bidding CCU


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Im new to have an account here, but I have read on plenty of topics to get advice about my business.

Looking for help though. Got an opportunity to bid a decent size CCU for a local construction company. I am looking for some input on how to go about bidding this job.

I know nobody likes to give a $$ amount and that’s fine. But maybe just how you would go about bidding something this size. Windows are basically cut ups in my opinion. Would need a boom to get to most of them

I appreciate your thoughts in advance!

Quick question, have you ever used a lift before?

You’ll probably want 5x your normal rate.

Any advice @apkwindows? See also

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Hey Jared

Yes I’ve used a 65’ straight boom several times. Thanks!

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I’m definitely glad you’ve got experience on them. They’re not as fun as I thought they’d be.

Anyway, take into account how slow it’s going to be from window to window and 5x might not be enough. 3-5x is what I charge for ground level. So you could come up with a number and then add a few hundred to pad it for moving that lift around.

I’m still scarred…


Lifts aren’t so not so bad. It’s the operators that suck.

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No, they’re not bad, it’s just that I thought I could zoom up and zoom down and zoom to the next set and zoom done.

Freakin plywood.

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