HELP! Chandelier Cleaning Tips

Hello everyone, I have been asked to clean roughly 13 chandeliers and they are all easily accessible. I need to know what you guys use to effectively clean them. Youtube semi helps but I need to know the tested and true methods. Any advice you can offer is GREAT! If your information leads to success, you’ll be given a gift from me!!

Do you have pictures of the chandeliers?

It will help forum members give you advice on the proper cleaning method.

There is also another good way to find advice try put into the search bar function “chandelier cleaning” there are lots of good threads available.

If there are lots of dangling pieces, you can use spray away or a 50/50 mix of alcohol and water mist them and wipe them with a microfiber and they will sparkle.

Make sure to put a drop cloth underneath the chandeliers while cleaning.

Hope this helps.

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The best solution I used (thanks to a fellow friend and window cleaner that regularly cleans high end chandeliers, like Chihuly’s) was lemon scented ammonia and hot water. 1:8 ratio. Use a microfiber towel to apply and clean fixture. Dry with a huck towel. Here’s a few examples of what I used the solution on. Most of them I got up there and did them by hand. A couple I had to remove pieces clean them and then replace. Make sure to clean the bulbs too, and never spin the chandelier to reach the other side.

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Thanks! I need to know if there is any solution I can use that involves just spray and dry

Some chandeliers are also weighted, evenly balanced so when you have to remove to clean remove somewhat evenly or you get an uneven weight and can tilt and some can slide off.

Do not spin.

I use a bucket with GG3, dip each piece into the bucket, dip into a second rinse bucket And simply set on drop cloth pieces dry without any spotting.

On occasion certain types that are extremely dirty will need to be dried off after rinsing.

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Dont forget to place a nice thick blanket/ towel/ pad under the chandelier. Replacing those pieces is a nightmare.

Sprayaway and a Huck towel. Don’t spin. Don’t step back on the ladder to admire your work.


Sprayaway or sprayway?

It’s Sprayway, but it’s often called Sprayaway.

It’s the one for glass not animals. I guess you could try the animal one…