Help Choosing WFP setup

I have about 5000 to spend on a WFP setup. I’m thinking of getting the RHG R3 with some sort of carbon fiber pole up to at least 35 foot. Prob get a backpack as well. You guys think it would be worth ponying up and just getting the R5? Also, should I go with battery or electrical? I really don’t know anything about WFP’s. With so much to choose from out there I need help choosing.

I have the R 3 from reaching higher ground. Very nice small easy to move around. I have elec. motor battery makes it heavier. R 3 is mobil as heck. For 5000.00 dollars you can get a whole lot of WFP.

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Here’s the set up I’d go w/ - for your system get a <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ residential rodi r3.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> and of course for flexibility of the system a <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ backpack delivery system.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> and for the pole a <a href=“” target=“_top”><img src=“ slx carbon fiber wfp-10.jpg” alt=“” title=“” /></a><img style=“border:0” src=“” width=“1” height=“1” alt=“” /> This should be a great set up for all your needs.

What is the TDS range of the area you service?

Will you be targeting both residential and commercial buildings? Will you really be willing to stop at 35’?

I have a RHG RO/DI electric cart and XTEL 4’ and 21’ FG and Gardiner SLX 35 and SL 56 CF poles.

Are you selling that 4’ pole Larry???


I have no idea what the TDS range is in my area. How do I find out? I am 99% residential right now but would like to get into more commercial down the line. Will the R3 work well for commercial? I’m sure I can always purchase a bigger pole at a later date. Do you guys ever have a hard time finding a power source. I guess you just plug it up to a customer’s garage electrical outlet or something like that? Do you guys suggest that I get a smaller pole as well like a 4 foot or something. The 35 ft may get a little cumbersome for doing eye level window cleaning. What pole would you suggest for that, or would you even bother?

If you’re even considering going WFP then buy a TDS meter from WCR.
You really need to know your local TDS before you can make an informed decision on what system to buy.

I’m very fortunate. My local TDS is relatively low so I only need a DI tank.

Kurt your water is about the same as mine is 200 to 235. I’d say 35’ carbon filber light weight pole. 4’ good for lower windows.
hey Kurt if you would like maybe we can set up a time to look at what I have. We could go clean some dirty window then you would know what it can do and can’t do.

Oh yea and the person in olathe KS that keeps checking out my web site how about giving me a call and talk shop. lol

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It’s likely that your TDS is above 100ppm at which point a RO/DI system like the R3 is a great investment. I agree you should get a TDs meter and check some local homes. You could also go to your local water treatment plant and request a water quality report.
The cord on the R3 is 30ft so if you get a 100ft heavy gauge (10-12 gauge) extension cord you should be set for residential. For commercial you’ll need to add some sort of water container so you don’t need to plug in the system for smaller stops like storefront.

Why would I sell something that makes me money?

understand that.

That sounds good to me Paul. I won’t have time for a couple weeks though and I would like to have a system purchased by then. I remember speaking with you and you said you have an R3 right? So I’m assuming that would work well for my area too considering we prob have the same TDS correct?

Hey Larry, If you had two poles only out of your bunch, what would they be? If I get the same 35 footer you have, do you suggest I get a 4 foot wfp as well for lower windows? What 4 foot pole would you guys suggest if needed? If you click on the link below and then watch the video at the bottom of the page, there is a guy using a backpack system with a very short and non-cumbersome pole. You guys know what size and kind of pole he is using?

My TDS ranges from 150 to 700 depending on the area. The R3 is great for it.

That’s Shawn Gavin of Reach Higher Ground (RHG) and an XTEL 2-4’ FG pole. I too have that backpack.

I could not have expanded my business without the 56’ SL, but my first pole was the SLX 35 (and, I made the purchase before my cart!) The 35 is telescopic and sturdier than the 56. If I had to pick two to start, I’d go with the 4’ and 35’. Then agai, I’m still a pole jockey novice. Also, you should seek feedback from someone with a 9’ as a comparison to the 4’.

How much have you been able to use the Super Lite Larry?
I love the backpack. In conjunction w/ my 58 gallon rain barrel I have a very versatile system.

Looks like you’ve been given some pretty good information.

If you have any technical questions, feel free to contact me directly.

Enough to know it’s incredibly light and rigid. I have a few three-story buildings with architectural features and sloping landscape where my SLX 35 would not reach.

Kurt it also will take alot of ladder work away. Which means less labor and less time. Feel free to call me anytime.

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You will be able to make an awesome investment with 5 grand. As for the pole, get the best, get the gardiner 56 footer, Especially if you are getting into commercial stuff. If you go with something smaller you are gonna find that there are some areas you wont be able to reach even tho its only a 3 story building. With that pole, (which I have been wanting now for a year) you can hit just about everything. If I were you, I would also go with the electric cart as well, you can run 2 poles off that sucker, once you get into commercial (industrial) you will be getting into pretty large buildings so most likely you will need to run 2 poles (in the future) just saying dont limit the possibilities of blowing up your business in the future.