Help me fix a sloppy finishing job

Hello all :wave:

I’m a little bit stuck on some renovation work we’ve done around the house. One of the things we worked on was some sliding glass doors.

Long story short, everything turned out OK except the handles. The contractor cut a lot of corners and we ended up with what I can only describe as an eye-sore.

This was done when we’re away and I came back home to this

The contractor essentially cut a piece of square glass and slapped it on the main panel with a little bit of silicone.

Some context:

  • the house is in the tropics so while I wasn’t expecting stellar finishing, I’m very unhappy with how the handles turned out.
  • we’ve terminated our relationship with said contractor.
  • being in the tropics, most off the shelf products won’t be available here. If there’s any chemicals I need to look for, I would really appreciate knowing the actual name vs. brand name.
  • The glass is not tempered. It would’ve been a lot more expensive to get tempered glass around here. So, I’m not really comfortable using brute force.

I would like to know if there’s anyway that I can get those “handles” off without damaging the doors.

Haha, oh wow, you can’t make this up! I’m sorry for your situation. You stated a little bit of silicone, so without knowing on what parts it makes advice a bit harder. Also, is it flush with the door or is the silicone so thick that you can fit a blade back there?

You could get an order of 6 inch scraper blades frpm here on WCR and do a sawing motion, but there would be a high likelihood the glass would be scratch with that method. (Wear good gloves, those things are super sharp!) I can’t see a solvent working, but I could be wrong. What I would do is try to heat all the glass evenly with a blow torch, but it could explode in your face, or something else bad could happen. I believe silicone usually starts to lose adhesion around 140 degrees, but then in my experience adhesives still hold on so you would likely have to get the glass to around 200 degrees.

Interested to see if anyone else has additional ideas.

Maybe try a strong piece of fishing line and and do a sawing motion going back and forth. That may cut the silicone and free up the piece of glass. I have used that method to remove emblems on a vehicle and it worked out really well. Good Luck!

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