Help Needed in Texas

I’m about to “launch” my window cleaning business in Feburary and I have a few questions to ask some of you veterans…

  1. What could I expect to make in 1 month? (After being est. about 6 mo.) I live in an upscale suburb of Houston, Tx.

  2. What would you say is my most important investment in my first quarter? (i.e. advertisin, equipment, ect.)

  3. How do you typicly land thoose commercial accounts (i.e. small offices) do you just go inside and ask to speak with someone?

  4. Any advice for surviving this “economy” right now? (I won’t quit my full time job being a Paramedic, this will be on the side, if I get busy I have other friends that are willing to pitch in after I train them.)

Any advice would be great. I grew up washing windows and waxing floor for in my family’s business so i’m used to dealing with customers/clients not to mention being a paramedic puts me in stressful situations all the time so i’m not afraid of that person-person interaction to get clients.

Thanks for any and all help.

Just go in and have a line you want to say…it’s a numbers game…really.
don’t limit yourself to small offices, go for all commercial, remember it’s a numbers game if I didn’t mention that already :slight_smile:

You want to survive in this economy…hussle and work hard. I launched out in the down fall in October of 2008 and haven’t looked back since… If you work hard and stay focused, you’ll be fine…OH, make goals cause they help too.

so basically talk to everyone until you’re blue in the face and be persistent.

Have all your documents in place

At any time advertising and marketing are essential for growth. Just make sure your spending your advertising budget wisely. I’m sure Kevin or CFP can elaborate on what wisely entails.

What documents do you recommend?