Help needed


I am from South Africa wanting to start my own window cleaning business so I could use the whatever advice I can get. I would need to start approaching business to sell my service. Can anyone tell me how I can make a good and lasting impression on them

I would suggest the following:
1.) Be clean cut and well groomed.
2.) Have a polished and sincere sales approach scripted in your mind.
3.) Have a professional business card ready to hand out.
4.) If you can, have a price ready before you approach contact.

Good Luck!

Everything Dwight said plus:

  • Always smile and look them directly in the eye when shaking their hand.
  • Talk about them and their business as much as possible.
  • If you think you are over doing it and being too nice, you aren’t! Lay it on them!!
  • Be prepared for anything they might ask you and when possible, always have an answer.

All of the things previously said, it’s good advise. I would add that you must be persistent. Don’t get discouraged. You are going to hear no quite a lot. Don’t give up. Your determination will be your best ally. It took me months to build a viable business, and years to build a prosperous one. However, I’m in a very tough market, swamped with too many WC firms for the size of the customer base. If you are in an area were there is a great need for your service, you might achieve instant success. Good Luck!

I’m not sure about the customs there in South Africa but this could be a problem. In some cultures this could be sign of disrespect. Just thought I’d throw that out.