Help on a bid

i recently was asked to submit a bid on a 11 story building… i do not repel so i turned it down , however they rebutted and told me there was no repelling necessary. the building was equiped with a crane that rolls around the top of the building and drops down the side of the building on what looks to be rails or guides… there is a total of roughly 1080 give or take panes of glass. the way this crane is situated is one crane lenght can reach four windows wide going all the way down then we have to come back up doing nothing but enjoying the view( does anyone have an idea how long these things typically take to come back up …

all training on using this crane will be provided by them … i figured out that there are 27 total drops down and going back up (down time wasted ) , the crane dos not go all the way down to the 1st story so that needs done by a ladder 28 or 32 footer will work fine . this is an exterior only job and its near a river so yes there are spiders invloved… can anyone give me a decent idea on the pricing of this job …

Before You go into the bid, back up a bit and fill us in on the Training. 11 stories is no joke. What kind of training? How long ? Make sure that you will be comfortable with the training they will be giving you. . You are basically relying on someone elses equipment. Safety First.

ok i understand where your comming from … the crane guides are built into the framing of the building… the training from what they told me is relatively simple… there is a track that circles around the exterior perimeter of the building on the roof… this (basket ) is roughly 12 ft wide and has 3 locations where the guides on the building slide into it… so basically all you need to do is drive the crane to where you plan on dropping around this track … align yourself up with the guides and press the down lever… you have complete control of it from what they told me … i saw it but it was last year …

I never done high nor do i have the desire to do so. (i just diont find it fascinating). If you have never done this, then dont. I would only assume a crash course on high rise cleaning is not safe to do. Stick with what you know and do. Also, will your insurance cover you if something were to happen since you are above the usual 3rd story limit? Safety is first and foremost, no amount of money is worth something that you are not 120% familiar on.

Go for it. This is an opportunity to expand your skill set, keep busy in a sagging economy and leapfrog your simple minded competitiors.

Calculate how long it will take you to rig the basket, do a drop and return to the roof for another drop and multiple that by your hourly rate.

As far as doing the drops; 1) Make sure you have been familiarized with their fall protection system to the point where you can properly buckle your harness, orientate the rope grab and handle the safetly line under duress. Alsways test it before proceeding on a drop. 2) Carry a cell phone and have an emergency contact to call in the unlikely event you need a rescue. 3) Make sure you have adequate safety cones beneath your drop zone if you are above pedestrian traffic. 4) Have fun and realize that if you made it to the job site withhout crashing the work truck, then the most dangerous part of your day is over.

how many man hours is it going to take you give or take like 5 hours???

If I was rigging this job in my area I would price around $150.00 a drop. Since your using their crane maybe less. As someone else posted figure how many hours the job will take as well and compare the two.

yeah mike. hard to say with out pics and stuff. I’d say around $125-$150 every 3,600 seconds :D…and then again he’s using “their” crane.

You make a valid point— without pictures— It could be a Franklin L. Wright design where every window has 9 sections and its sixteen feet wide and it takes two drops to clean it…but he is getting to use their crane. :smiley: