Help Please!

I could really use some help here. A was contacted the other day to see about cleaning some windows on a building in which the windows would be forty feet high. Not windows up to 40 feet. Several solid windows that were 40 feet.
Now I don’t know a lot about this building yet (Customer wants to call me back Monday because they’re technically closed until next week) Here is what I do know…
You can’t get a lift around the building, so that’s out. So I guess my only options would be trying to pole, :eek:
WFP (I would actually have to spring for one)
or Scaffolding.
What would you do? What would be the safest and quickest way to these windows?
And if it’s WFP… any recommendations?

Here is there site, they have few pictures of their building, although not great ones.

OOPS!!! I forgot to add the picks. Here they are,com_expose/Itemid,11265/

Oh yeah, almost forgot… the building is 1 1/2 hours south of where I live. So it’s a pretty far drive.
But if I get it… it’ll be sooooo worth it!

Thanks in advance for all your help!!!

Hey John congrats on the big job.

I dont think your pictures came through. First I would make sure the windows are definitely at 40 feet, so you know if you need to buy a wfp or not. You may want to invest in a laser measureing device. You can get them at H depot or lowes for under a hundred bucks.

When your ready for the wfp please let me know and I can run you through a few options. Either way WCR can provide you with almost any pole you need at the best price.

Post up those pics so we can take a look.

Thanks Chris. I just forgot to add the link. That was nothing more than human error at it’s finest.

I can’t see the photo and I used the link.

Ok cool I saw the aerial shot they have. Looks good

Whatever you decide I would stay away from scaffolding… That will be a real pain and super time consuming.

In the meantime I would check out your water quality to see what your tds is at. Youll want to know the best way to produce water.

Was there water access?

I’m not sure why you can’t see the pics, but if you go to and click on “Take a Tour” then click on the facilities link, you should be able to see it.

I don’t know if it has water access or not. I haven’t looked at it yet. I’ll be going down there next week to see it myself. I guess I should get a tds meter so I can figure out what that is while I’m down there.

One more thing, is it even possible to pole up to 40 feet? :confused: Doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, then again, I’ve never tried anything that high up.

I did get to see it.

WFP that baby.

then go fishing. That lake is awesome!

I have family that live near there. (no larry, they are not in the center)

Oh ok I saw the pics… Yea that looks like good wfpoling glass…

Cheapest TDS meter in the country


What info do i need to collect while i’m down there to know what kinda setup i’m gonna need? I’m hoping this job will pretty much pay for (or come close to paying for) the setup. That way, next time i need one I’ll have it. :smiley:

How quickly would I get the TDS meter if I ordered [B]RIGHT NOW[/B]?

where do you live… what state?

Hang on!

I saw photos of a building in Alabama but you seem to be in OK. You said above the bld in about two hours away.

is it possible I am seeing a different bld than the one you are curious about?

Yeah I’m in OK, I just double checked the links, and it’s the one in OK. I think it’s called arrowhead, maybe that’s what you saw? I even called to make sure!

If your in OK I can send it fedex and you should get it by Thursday. My only concern is the holiday.

For example: All our packages are going fedex tomm because ups is shutting down tomm. [B]So I would say Friday to be on the safe side. [/B]I could also overnight it to you to gurantee delivery… but you could be looking at like an almost $40 -50 shipping charge for something like that. But you would have it the next day.

Friday sounds good. I won’t need it until sometime next week anyway. I’ll be looking for it. Thanks.


anyway, if it is 3-5 stories you can still wfp it.

You’ll want to see the bld of course. But what you are looking for is direct access to the window from the ground. Windows that are in your sight-line can be wfp’d.

You’ll want to know where the hose bibs are and how close together they are.

Also look at the ground so you’ll have an idea of any holes or shrubs or roots or ditches…things you might step in or on while looking up doing the windows. These things break ankles and give trip causing a pole to drop.

None the less, you can handle this and we can all help.

I’ll give ya my number (cell) and you can call me anytime. I bet Chris or Alex or a ton of guys here will.

You can do it. No problem.

Cool once your order comes through, and it gets processed first thing tomm. It will ship out by 10 am east coast time. I will also send you a tracking # so you can track it.

Please dont hesitate to give Alex or I call if you have any questions. Even when your on site looking at the glass. We can walk you through whatever no problem.

WOW! Thanks guys.

No sweat… thats what we are here for.

Told ya.

We (make that I) goof off a lot here but we do want to help guys figure out the harder stuff.

Like making fruity cocktails for Larry.