Help- Roof Cleanig

I did today finally locate the 12.5% bleach and have read and re read the mixture ratio for the CHERRY BOMB? But I have to admit i am nervous about all vegitation… should I be nervous or is just watering everything down enough to make these worries go away?

I have read what seems to be a million post on other sites and web sites and have to ask… Does anything work as well as 12.5% and cherry bomb (sp)
everyone one out there wants to sell something and I am beging to lose my mind… A couple of potential customers made me second guess my self about using the bleach…

Please fill me in.

Remember the bleach and TSP (if used) are doing most of the cleaning. Simple Cherry, dish soap, or any other detergent is there to add foam (suds) for good cling so the other ingredients can work on the surface instead of flow away immediately. Use what you like for a foaming agent. I like the smell if the Simple Cherry. Other guys I’ve talked to use Apple scented Dawn dish soap.

Fabuloso is a vary strong but pleasant smelling cleaner to use but it’s not a surfactant so you’ll still need a dish soap to get your bubbles And its cheap. Remember to water the hell out of the yard and plants. Good luck!