Help starting a website

I have been wanting to have a website for our business for a while, but have been dragging my feet because it seems overwhelming. I am hoping to build one this winter so that I can have it in place for a mailing campaign this coming Spring.

I have downloaded Wordpress and gotten a domain name, but I’m not sure what direction to go in now. Is wordpress the way to go? Is there a nice program that can help, or is there a webdesigner company/person that has been helpful for window cleaners in building their window cleaning website.

I would appreciate any help that would get me going in the right direction.

Wordpress is a nice option if you want to go that route. It’s easily customized. I know that some don’t like it because everything is saved in a database, so it’s possible that someone could hack into it, but they could just as easily hack into the server where your static files are too, so I say that’s a moot point. There are some programs you could use. One is Dreamweaver, it’s costly though. Kompozer is a free editor, but it’s not that great in my opinion. I know there are some sitebuilders that you could use, a lot of which are provided by your hosting company, but they usually don’t offer a lot of flexibility. There’s also Joomla. It’s free as well. Or there’s Drupal, although drupal is geared more towards developers. If you want any help or have any questions feel free to call or email me. All my info is on my website - Window Cleaning in Tulsa, Bixby, Jenks, Sand Springs, Sapulpa, Owasso, Catoosa | Tulsa Gutter Cleaning | Purus Windows.

Hey, Coos Bay huh? My Grandparents live in Waldport, so I spent alot of time on the Oregon coast.

Wordpress is definitely the way to go.

I sent you a PM

Yeah, let Doug build you one.

He won’t let you down.

FYI do NOT use GoDaddy as your registrar. My friend just had her domain stolen, apparently by someone in the Ukraine. They used her info to “renew” the domain, and gained control. The site still has all her content on it, only its formatted into Wordpress. She’s kind of a celebrity, and that is her real website, so if these people ever want to mess with her, it’d be very easy.

GoDaddy basically told her she’s beat and that she needs to contact a lawyer.

Thanks for all the great suggestions. Very helpful. I will be looking into these options.
Doug, I will be getting in touch with you.
Kevin, thanks for your recommendation. BTW, your book is what inspired me to get a website going in the first place.

Squeeky Clean

My pleasure, Kiva.

Glad you found some inspiration in $600/hr.

One big thing but often over looked is the hosting. Some hosting companies have a very high up time and some are very bad at up time. So you may have a great site but if the server is down and no one can access your site then it is useless.

So besides a good web site look for a quality hosting company. Also some domain companies offer limited but free hosting. And lastly look for a hosting company that offers email with your web site. A “” site with a yahoo email looks cheap.

Yahoo Webhosting has never let me down. $12 a month, unlimited email UNs, ulmtd bandwidth, fast, and almost no server downtime.

Excellent point, I recommended host gator. Very fast, always up, tech support is better than anyone I’ve ever used, ESPECIALLY GODADDY.

I am a reseller and can host your site cheaper than you could get through hostgators website. (I don’t advertise that online, you have to email me separately.)

Also if you (anyone) still needs a website done you can get a free year of web hosting and unlimited email right here:
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I went to your site using the link above and was hoping to see your gallery. There is no link where it says it should be to see it.


what do y’all think about vistaprint websites?