Help Wanted

If there is anyone out there in the Window Cleaning Resource world that is looking for a job or knows someone that is looking for a job - I need help.
We service eastern North Carolina - Craven, Pamlico, Carteret and Jones Counties (New Bern, Oriental, Morehead City).
Please email me at [email protected]


this is kinda a shady place to post, but try Craigslist.
I put some “help wanted” posts and all I got were idiots!
Freaking people asking me to pick them up, people asking me for some of the stupidist things.

I did get some good people out of like 200, not a joke.

I agree. Craigslist is the easiest and cheapest way to go(free!). I ran local want ads in my newspaper for years and I think I got worse responses from it. A want ad on Craigs seems to be better than a newspaper. At least the people looking for a job own a computer.

we have been posting job openings on craigslist for the past 2 years. We have gotten some great help this way!! It’s cheap, and you can immediately weed people out. Do NOT have anyone call you if you do post an ad. Just have them email you or you will get a million calls for the next 6 weeks!!!

You should be able to find some quality help now, especially with soooo many contractors and laborers out of work. Just HIRE SMART!!!

You may want to ask around the local fire stations. Like myself I wash windows on my day’s off from the fire house and there are always people at the fire station willing to work on their off days? Also they have to be reputable becasue if they were not it will follow them back to their full time jobs firefighters, EMS and law enforcement employees have to maintain a proper code of etehics. Just thought I would throw that out there.

Thank you everyone for all the advice.
I have found someone through a friend. We’ll see how it goes…so far he has these things going for him

  1. no visible tattoos
  2. no visible body piercing
  3. full set of teeth
  4. no criminal record
  5. valid drivers license
  6. doesn’t smoke
    Things are looking up!

This one cracked me up!:smiley:

i aim to please!
besides i have to laugh about all this crap or i’d be committed or should i say institutionalized!
what a life!

That bench is gonna need some SafeRestore…

good lord - where did you find that picture of me?
and next time ask before you share it with the world!
and if you’ll notice my list said VISIBLE tattoos…there is nothing wrong w/ tattoos have one myself - but some of the visible ones tend to frighten the old folks.

It’s smok’in HOT! You gave it to me remember. Sorry I had to post it for everyone to see. I forgot it was for my eyes only :slight_smile:
I have nearly a full sleeve of tattoos on my left arm. I’ve never scared anyone. I don’t think:confused:
But Ive heard about little old lady’s shooing of wc’ers with visible tattoos. I guess it all depends on the individual. By the way, are you single? :wink:
Im sure this guy is a really hard worker. Just give him a chance.

well i guess this means no more photo sessions for you!
and no the tattoo thing isn’t that big of a deal - i have never had anyone complain about that. although i did get this complaint - “your guys are out here working and i know it’s hot, but he has taken his shirt off which is making me a little uncomfortable.” i drive to the job site - there he was shirtless covered in tatts and nipple rings - problem the job site was a baptist church and the little lady inside was horrified! nice huh?
my current employee doesn’t have any tattoos but he is 6’2" 250 w/ long dreads - scary? yea!
the pic of a potential employee is fantastic - i contacted him he said he’s already working for another window cleaner. damn!
as far as being single? the “me” in the photo - absolutely. the “me” typing this message - no :frowning: - besides i am thinking a cross country relationship may be tough - although perfect hhmmmmm

Hows business in NC doing any how? You’re a franchise right? I almost wrote to tell you "I work for you"
I need a break from the rainy northwest. Morehead City/ Atlantic Beach looks like a lot of fun during the summer! I hear Mayberry is in NC. Its my all time fav TV show.

This is one of my fears…“Mom, dad…I want you to Meet Jake”.

he may be nice…but let him be nice next door

LOL …no kidding. Im sure he’s a gentle soul when he’s on his meds. You have have to be one big pile of emotional baggage in order to do that to yourself.

well let’s see…business in nc is looking up. we had a slower than normal november and december which is typically my busiest time. then january and february non-existent! it has sucked…but finally i am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.
yes we are a franchise. we bought the first franchise in charlotte nc - sold that - bought the one down here. chris (hubby) was one of the first guys to work w/ tim (wg franchisor).
morehead/atlantic beach is absolutely awesome. but you have to understand still a small town. new bern is the same way only older. new bern is mostly retirees from up north. there is absolutely nothing to do around here as far as a nightlife. i feel sorry for the young single people around here and the teens there’s nothing to do. that is if you are into the nightlife. now there is always the beach or the rivers - lots of fishing, watersports, surfing, etc.
mayberry is in nc but not called mayberry known as mount airy - but that’s in the mountain region or foothills. we do live the mayberry life so to speak. actually north carolina is one of the most awesome places to live. we have mountains and beach - about 6 hrs apart. we don’t really have a big city - charlotte is the financial capital of the south and raleigh is our big college town w/ unc, nc state, wake forest, and duke within a few miles of each other…lovin’ march madness right now! go heels! make a journey out east sometime you may never go back west. we are very laid back!
well that’s enough selling you on my state!
take care!

amen! to that…let him be the other guy’s employee.