HELP! What am I doing wrong with WFP?

Hi WCR fans,
I am having a tough time getting porch enclosure top or transium glass to WFP without contaminated run down or spotting near the top where the metal overlaps the glass.
I have tried a pre scrub and rinse, then came back after drip time, and tried to wash and rinse near the top but not on it. Still spotting on nearly every one. We finally had to use traditional cleaning to get it done.
The sliders below these did great as well as the rest of the house double hungs.
Do we have to do these traditional or is there a technique I need to learn.
I am a little frustrated!
Please help me WFP veterans!
I am including pics, although it is hard to see the spots.
Thanks for any help…


Sounds like it’s just pulling oxidation/dirt off the upper frame. After you scrub the crap out of the upper frame, crank your pressure down and get a good rinse on just the glass but hold your bead of water a bit below the frame/trim edge as you go across. I have an acct that has a similar layout, but Anderson casements and crank outs, the bug man gets the upper frame and I get some residue drips almost every time, unless I am very patient and follow my own suggestion above.

My thought exactly. Good call Dave

Thanks, I went over it twice with wfp and finally had to wrap it up as we had other jobs.
I had this on a similar house last fall but it was only a few that spotted.
This will be my first full season with wfp so I figure that I’m still in the learning curve.

I’m sure you’ll tweak your approach even more Matt. I still get into some situations where I finally give up and do it the semi-old fashioned way. What gets me is if I had known at the start there would be problems I could have done it with mop and squeegee from the start and saved a bunch of time.

Thanks Dan, that’s encouraging. Cause the whole idea of wfp for me was safer and save time.
On this job a have done it all faster with traditional. It was nice though, to leave the ladders on the van!

What Dan said , totally true. I get lazy, I’ll admit…did some bee poo hammered glass a week ago, we dorked around with the wfp and it would have definitely been faster nose to glass. On the transom situation, sometimes I will follow up with a clean dry huck and my 50/50 RO/DI mix and touch up.