Help with a bid

Any ideas? 348 panes if my count is right.

what i do in these situations is do the pane count(like you already have) and x $4 per pane, then i re walk the property and break it into sections, then time that section. I have an hourly rate for wfp work, so i do the math on the hourly rate. I then take the 2 numbers ( $4 per pane ext and Hourly at our WFP rate) and i make a judgement call depending on my read on the customer.

Usually my hourly WFP rate ends up being less then half of the $4 per pane count.

Whenever i bid straight $4 per pane, back a few years ago, the close rate was less then 10% because any other quote was literally half or even less then half of my proposed pricing.

With a building like this, i try and differentiate myself as much as possible with literature, relationship building, etc. But you have to at least be in the ballpark of their budget to be considered when the company awards the job.

That said, to totally contradict my math equation(348 panes), this job looks to me like one guy could do it in 5-8 hrs, depending on skill/experience.

If i had 1-2 guys on site for this job, i would be close to $1000 for exterior only.

If we’re looking at the whole thing in the pictures, I agree.

I agree with Dave And Steve if your doing exterior only 348(?)panes $1000 WFP.

Lower windows might be hammered with Hard Water Stains…thats extra.

with jobs like that I usually always go with my hourly rate of $55 (for me) my guys go for 30. if your using wtp just look at the building as 45min to an hour per section…