Help with first shopping purchases

I need to practice practice practice, but I would like to get started with the right tools and supplies to practice with.

I will be doing residential only, starting out with one story homes only, until I am a bit more experienced.

  1. I have a very limited budget … practicing does not bring immediate income.

  2. What are the best ladders to use? Prefer light weight. What about stepping stools?

  3. Squeegees and poles? What size should I purchase and any product preferences?

I am planning on doing a shopping search today, where is the best place to go for first purchases? Such as Home Depot, Lowes, or … a janitorial supply?

Any must haves, please let me know! Thanks so much!

Joie - N. CA

Whats wrong with mail ordering from WCR? It’s usually cheaper. But if you need equipment right away, go to Home Depot, the cleaning supply section. Get an Unger Brass 18’ squeggee and an 18’ T-bar and mop. They also have poles, sponges, and buckets.


Hey Joie

Here are some starter kits we offer:

We can also tailor a kit to you to fit a budget.

Thanks for the help. I did find a good thread with this info and found the starter kit. Only thought was maybe doing some windows this weekend, mine!

Thanks Again,
Joie - N. CA

Joie, you can usually find step ladders and extension ladders at local pawn shops for a lot cheaper than buying new ones. I wish I had known this when I first started. I see ladders at several pawn shops around here.

Check out craigslist also for ladders. I have picked up a 16 ft ext ladder for $35.00, and a 30 ft unger pole for $ 40.00 used 2-3 times from its former owner (so just about brand new). There is some junk on there, or prices that are near retail. Get the retail price from the Depot or Lowes then compare to the price you find on craigslist.

Alberto E.:slight_smile:

If you’re in a hurry then the local home center will suffice. But you’re going to need more rubbers or better squeegees (the home centers dont have a 0 degree squeegee) at some point. I’d get an account started w/ WCR right away. No minimum order (alot of suppliers have minimums and crazy shipping charges) and they are not just sellers they use he stuff too!

hi Joe all the best in your NEW venture as an " OPTICAL ILLUMINATOR ENHANCER ".
you go girl :slight_smile: