Help with my first pole

This will be strictly for 2-3 story use, I’m not going to be using my 28’ ladder much longer for health reasons. 25 years is enough.

So far after reading a number of threads and watching videos, the Xero Micro line looks good, although I’m torn between the Oval and round $1000 high modulus.

I understand the Oval is proprietary and only takes certain brushes? Also, is 30’ enough for those 3 story drop-out golf course houses?


I would buy the stiffest pole you can afford, and I recommend 40 ft for 3 stories. I’ve run into landscaping and different angles where having the 40ft was very helpful. I started out with the pro basic before it was called the pro basic, then the 3k, and now a prototype of the destroyer, and believe me the stiffer the better. I have found that having a stiffer pole increases production time because you are putting less energy in the flex of the pole, you have more control, and you can move faster. The 3k micro would serve you well I would think in the range you would need.

Once this pandemic is over I hope to buy a Destroyer, but that’s just because I hope to land jobs that are 60+ ft high, were stiffness really matters. Maybe someone else wants to chime in on pole recommendations?

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A 10 min phone call will really help you.

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I have hands on experience with both Micros and Ovals and can assist you with the intricacies of getting the Oval set up properly.

You’ll really want a 40’ for 3 stories.

Call me today and we’ll chat.

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I initially bought the Tucker mini. It’s about 27’ long. It’s fine, but clamps suck. If you can afford it, get a 40’ pole for that’s rigid. Like said above, it comes in handy. I’ve been able to do most jobs with the Tucker mini but ended up buying the phantom 40’ for those jobs I needed an extra 5-6 feet. What I love about my Tucker pole is that it’s around 5’ when collapsed so I think the xero micro series is a good call.

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