Help with squeegee problem

) I’ve had this happen to me many times and it is very frustrating it’s when I squeegee using the fan method and I’ve changed rubbers and it still’s almost like the water smears out and leaves smear marks here is a picture to show the marks it’s kind of when I make the turn. I’ll post a picture in a minute

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Yeah I’ve had that. Usually on hot windows and when i have lots of soap.

I use a lot of soap on the inside of some of my restaurants to cut grease and when the sun is pounding i sometimes get those.

Maybe try using less soap and more gg4.

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Can it be the glass? Maybe its not true- and its bowed?

Also, check to see if your squeegee is not too stretched or too loose

It looks to me like dry rubber mark. When you’re fanning a window especially in the sun you can’t leave too much over hang from the soapy line to the end of your squeegee. I like to use a smaller (14") squeegee for residential so I have a little more control over what the channel is doing.

Hope this makes sense.

Thanks for all the replies I will take into account all of these suggestions and narrow it down

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Any number of things can be going on. Hot sunny days on windows can be tough. Do half sections if you find the need to with quick evaporation. Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it and a plain and simple straight pull gets you to the next window in a hurry. Pressing on a large pane of glass with the squeegee can cause it to bow a little, leaving an area the squeegee rubber doesn’t touch. The angle that you hold the squeegee is important too. Without seeing what is going on, then there are a few suggestions to look out for.

leave more overlap and less soap. Keep your water clean

Looks right in the sun there. Try both hands close together, the T-bar and then your squeegee an inch away trailing directly behind. That way you’re 100% sure it’s not drying before you get a chance to squeegee it off.

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I like doing this method in front of clients. It almost always brings a positive response.