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So I cleaned this guys back in Feb 2008 I called him today to schedule again and he stated within 30 days ALL the windows had hazed up on him? These are dual pane Pella windows that come apart with the clips. However we did not open these. What is even crazier is that I did some off-site screen repair for him and nothing was mentioned when I returned his screens a week later, and I did ask him how his windows looked at the time. I am now thinking that I should follow up every residential job with a quick call making sure everything looks great.

I’m sure moisture can still get in from the sides. I’ve only delt with Pella Dual panes once and yes, they sure do like to haze up if they are not bone dry when putting them back together.

[QUOTE=. I am now thinking that I should follow up every residential job with a quick call making sure everything looks great.[/QUOTE]

I have not done this as of yet, but think it is a great idea. How many of you wc’ers do this?

Also just did a job with pellas with internal storms and they were fogged at the time of the estimate, I mentioned this to the homeowner and he said that they had been like that from the day they were installed. All the windows looked great after I cleaned them till i put the storms back in then they started to fog again.

Are you sure it’s from the panes that come off? Could it be that you cut the seal with a razor? I’m not saying you did, but if the windows were fine before you touched them then something is weird. I did a job with those windows last year and never called the customer again for another cleaning. Getting them back in was a pain, but I charged for it. With those windows if a house has 20 windows, it’s like cleaning 40. I would stay in contact with this customer to see what happens and make an effort to try and figure out why they are fogging. If you lose contact with them, they could try and pin this on you for an entire replacement. Being he said they were fogging up, I would head over just to take a look. Customers tend to blow things out of the water. You can end up going to the home and it’s 1 window, who knows.

I pay a person to do that in my office. it’s easy to fix some of the problems fast if you do have problems. The best part about having someone call is that it is a good chance to get referrals. I would say about 20% of my referrals come from the quality call backs.

Understood you did not take them apart but some how moisture got in and they steamed up like a terrarium.


It’s a moisture thing.

It will dissipate though. It’s not a perfect seal, so moisture would get back in anyway, eventually. It’s going to be a recurring problem, no matter who cleans those windows.

Usually when that happens to me, I just clear out the vent holes with a paper clip and make sure the rubber seals are dry. Works every time.