Hey Cody, Cordless Oscillating Multifunction Tool for Window Corner Stain Removal?

Cordless Oscillating Multifunction Tool

Why not use this in the corners? Or something like it…


We have tried it, along with the Fein Multi-master and a number of other triangular oscillating tools. Unfortunately it chews up the glass and with our current abrasives doesn’t allow for effective stock removal. That being said keep the ideas coming!

I picked up a little Robyi triangle sander @ H/D for some wood projects, they offer the same type of paper that you use on a grinder (fiber discs), not a lot of vibration and the discs seem to be a bit on the rough side for detail work.

Did you make a polishing disk to use with that tool? Can you make one for a Dremel rotary tool?
I don’t remember if I asked that before. Sorry if I did…
Questions R Us, Inc. :wink:
vic, Mr.

Was the speed ok, with that tool?
Maybe with a modified Glass Renu polishing disk…
Just thinking <uh oh ;->!


This is the one I had picked up, the vibration on it maybe a bit better then a cordless toothbrush, it has really low stars for the reviews, it does come with a stick on sponge thing to polish, but I have not used it yet.

Ryobi 120 V 0.3 Amp Detail Sander - DS1100 at The Home Depot

OK, I guess this wasn’t meant to be. I’ll stick to chemicals in the corners, when I get started…
Thank you, Steve and Cody!