Hey guys, I've got my new website up and running now

I’ve got the new Website up and running now. I have gone through several variations, webhost etc… but I think I like this one the best. It’s still in construction mode, and I plan to add plenty more relevant content. But I wanted to get some feedback on it first. My “new” company doesn’t go live for another week or so. I’m waiting on my marketing materials from the printer.

I’m not a web guy or an artist so (or an English Major) so if you see any typos or just plain bad grammar, please let me know. So tell me what your first impressions are? I really do want to know what my peers think? you guys are like family- I trust your judgment, and if you think it all stinks then I need to go back to the drawing board and work harder.

What can I do to make the website experience smoother or more user friendly? I do plan to change things (this is the beta version before I go live with the new company) I will be adding more testimonials, pics etc as time goes on.

Ok guys- so now you know who i am. I humbly lay myself at your feet for your crituque- good or bad. I know some of you may rip into me;) it’s ok, all feedback is good feedback. Thanks for taking the time to even look at the site.

The link is on the bottom in my signature;)

Ps- the HCCB code is meant to be scanned not clicked on. The website link is below it. I’m working on making the HCCB code link to my site as well though.

UPDATE 9-10-10: The HCCB code that was in my signature had to be removed because it was slowing the forum down too much. I have moved it to my profile picture (not Avatar pic) if you still want to see it.

Nice job.
I like the 7-steps, the top 10 reasons, the line “We are big enough to get the job done- yet small enough to care that it’s done right,” and your logo is really good.

On a personal note, I’ve really struggled with using the word “small house” in the package pricing… I’m going more in the direction of “average” as the starting point.

Yeah I know what you mean. I hate the idea of someone taking that the wrong way. However, they may be “happy” to have a “small” house when they realize that they are only getting charged the “small” price! I’m considering adding the square footage for each size home as well. I recall reading somewhere that the “average” home is approx. 2500 hundred SQ. feet. Of course this changes every year.

Thanks for your feedback JfromtheD!

Hate in the front page. The way it’s blocked on the left, I kept looking for a close button… it shouldn’t be their in the first place.

Unlike JfromtheD, I hate the 7-step window cleaning process. I only cleaned windows for 25 years and I can’t imagine wasting time like that on a simple window. You don’t clean all windows like that do you? Brush, squeegee, chamois and I’m gone while you are presoaking your window, LOL. But you know, a customer might like that on a website.

EDIT: I really like your pictures though.

I forgot to mention, the code you see in my signature is called an HCCB or High Capacity Color Barcode. The one you see is the one I created for my business card. This code is on the back and allows the “prospective client” the ability to download a simple app for their phone, point it at the code and then instantly save all my company info right into their phone! All they have to do is hit “save” or “delete” depending on whether they want to keep it or not. This code is supported by most major “smart Phones”. You can try it now, the app is free and then just point it at your computer screen with my code on it (or my card if you were holding one) and it will read it and give you all the info instantly. I learned of this through someone who works for Microsoft and helped develop the HCCB. You can customize the code too. As you can see I have a picture of a window (with blue sky and fluffy clouds behind it) in the background. That window is also on the front of my business card.

Cool thanks for the feedback! Can you elaborate on the “way it’s blocked on the left side”? I’m not sure what you mean, but if it is irritating to someone, I definitely want to know about how to fix it! I don’t use a Chamois…is that in there somewhere? I’ll go look. Every window is different but these are the steps I try to take if it’s possible. I never, anywhere in my website, make mention of being fast- I am thorough- not fast.

I really appreciate you pointing out these things Mike! Thanks- this is what will allow me to make a better user experience for my customers and prospective clients!

Ahh ok i see now what your saying about the Chamois- your much faster than I am Mike!:slight_smile:

Right where it says Residential Prices. It’s a block, looks about 50% opacity. This is what I see on my computer anyway.

One tip for cleaning windows, DO Not put a razor to them unless you have to like in after construction clean up or something. I carry a 1 inch scraper on my belt (can’t find the pouch I had made right now:() So if I see some bird crap or a big drop of paint it 5 secs it’s gone. But scraping the entire glass area as part of the normal window cleaning process is 100% unnecessary and dangerous. You will scratch glass left and right, it has to happen.

If your having trouble with grime or whatever and you think you need to razor it it might be because you’re using a washing sleeve or whatever you people call it. I call those things applicators, that’s all they are good for btw. They apply water to glass, good for pole work and fairly clean glass. Around here we use brushes for 99% of window cleaning. They will scrub off all the grime and almost everything else with a little muscle… if necessary.

Everyone here uses these things, been like that for as long as I can remember.

Eh, customers only know what they are told.

If Mrs Jones talks to 5 window cleaning companies, and [U]only[/U] the 5th one tells them that they would remove the screens… to her it’s an added value that the first 4 didn’t offer.

If anything I would re-word the scraping part to something “if needed” or “we also offer.”

Ooh, I see what Mike is talking about… how’d I miss that? :confused:
For some reason when I was on, it was on the “Modesto window cleaning” picture, which is gorgeous.

Hey Mike, Your right that not every window needs to be scraped. However, for first time cleans (when it’s safe to do so) I like to use a razor. I use the the big triumph razors so it really doesn’t add much time for me. I also note in the website that not all windows can be safely scraped. I also use a fab debris waiver. I have not had one single claim of damaged windows either- but I still cover my butt. I see your in Winnipeg, perhaps you do not have the flies that are so prevalent here in California during the Summer. They leave these little dots that are a pain to scrub off. Yes you can scrub them off if you want to scrub more, but personally, I prefer to use a razor where safe to do so. I’ll look into the brush you mentioned too.

I respect your 25 years in the biz Mike- it certainly is a lot more than my 5 years experience. You can probably run circles around me with your experience. I do not ever try to market myself as the fastest window cleaner in town. I know that as I get faster I will make more money- but I wont sacrifice quality for speed. Don’t get me wrong Mike, I’m not even remotely suggesting you do that- in fact I’m sure your quality is top notch and your speed is far superior to mine. With your experience, if I tried to match you on speed I would lose MY quality. So I’ll let myself go at my pace. I have never had anyone complain about my slowness or thoroughness. Honestly, when I have 25 years experience under my belt I hope I am as fast and as thorough as you probably are- but I have to earn that- just as I’m sure you did Mike:)

As far as the picture your talking about, it is a scrolling preview of the different pages that are on my website. I can slow down the speed or make it faster. There is a fine line between design and functionality and I am looking for it now. If you hold your cursor over the picture, the scrolling will stop and you can read a preview of that page. You can also move your cursor to the right and three windows will pop out giving you a choice of which page you would like to view. Or, you can click on the read more button and see the full page, and for the more traditional types, you can simply go to the menu at the top of the page and click on whatever you like.

Thanks for your feed back Mike!:slight_smile:

Just a couple of clarifications - there is no such thing as a 1" scraper. The blade actually measures 1.5" also there is nothing dangerous or unnecessary about scraping glass. The only issue is where there could be defective tempered or heat strengthened glass. A waiver and customer education is the way to deal w/ that issue. I would also say that it’s not us scratching the glass in that case it’s the defect doing the damage.

Yeah agree. I am trying not to get myself bogged down in estimates. I really don’t have the time to drive out somewhere and count windows and window types and then sit down with a calculator and add all this up and then try and thrown in extra screen cleaning etc. A customer can go to my site and within about three minutes have a good idea of “about” what its going to cost them. When they call me, I go out and look at their home and if it fits the general picture we have a new customer. However, if they have an average size house with nothing but a million French panes then the estimate is a whole lot different. I want my customers to get the whole enchilada if possible. If I’m going to clean a window with a screen on it then I have to take that screen off. Why would I make it more time consuming and difficult for the customer to start adding an extra charge for something that I’m already “halfway doing”. I just include it in the price and my price reflects that they are going to get the screen cleaned- and I let them know this with my step-by-step process. I am trying hard to inform my customers with my website and make it as easy as possible for them to make an informed “no surprises” decision.

Oh and thanks for the comment on the Logo and pic! I’ve worked hard on those;)

I agree!

I’ll call it a one inch scraper anyway thanks, and ANYTIME you put razor to glass you are risking scratching… I’ve done it and I’m as anal with sharp new razors as you are with your measuring tape. I have scratched the hell out of windows by accident, anything can scratch it. Little piece of grit under the razor, any defect that is unnoticed on the edge of the razer from hitting the window frame, rust. Not all glass is hard and smooth, glass well flex, and sometimes its wavy like single diamond glass in old storms.

Then there is that razer itself. When I worked for a large company, we would get lazy with those and start sticking them in our back pocket without a safety cover. I’ve cut my hand and I’ve seen it happen to quite a few others.

Anyway, I’d like to know how many cleaners here clean windows like that? Dry brush the top frames, presoak the glass, scrape from top to bottom, scrub the window then squeegee and detail.

I brush the window, if the frames have cobwebs I’ll brush them to, then I’ll sponge them to they don’t drip. But generallly. Brush, squeegee, chamois and I’m done and the window is done properly. I don’t believe your windows are dirtier then ours either. Time is money… so what’s the point of making a project out of cleaning a window?

Nate, I like the pictures and also the thoroughness you convey by mentioning a 7 step process. I tend to agree with some others that scraping donesn’t always need to be a step, but still it shows you do the job right. I don’t know that a client will care if you use JBF or Ettore scrapers or if you use Pulex squeegees instead.
A reader of your website will feel that he knows you when it’s all said and done.
I noted a few spelling mistakes and a few grammatical weak points (my opinion, of course!)

[I]#3 We do what we promise you to do. [/I] How about “We do what we have promised to do”
#8 We carry $1 million dollars of liability coverage- so you can rest easy knowing [I]your[/I] protected! Should be [I]you’re[/I]
[I]As my client, my personal guarantee to you is that if you are not 100% satisfied[/I] Less awkward to say something like “As my client, you have my personal guarantee…”[I]
Then I’ll tell you a bit more about the man with whom you can trust with your home or business cleaning needs[/I]. The first “with” is unneeded.
A) We can clean both, [I]whichever[/I] you prefer. ‘Whatever’ would be more accurate. Whichever gives the impression of either or.
Window Cleaning Equipement Should be Equipment

I really like what you’ve done with your site Nate,

I especially liked the “Who is Mr. Brightside?” - “about me” pages rarely hold my interest, but yours held my interest the whole way through, and it made me feel like I know you, I’d hire to clean my windows for sure.

PS, change your link signature to say “Modesto window cleaning” instead of “Mr Brightside window cleaning”…

This will help with your SEO.

A few other onsite things as well, such as your title tags, but shoot me a txt when your completely done with the design aspect of it, and we can go from there, no need to worry about it too much until then.

I don’t want to sidetrack this thread anymore than I have already. I will say the metal a scraper is made out of is not hard enough to scratch it. Some things are too tough to remove w just a scrubbing and then the quickest way to remove it is a scraper, hands down. As for grit under the razor there is of course proper razor technique - scrape in one direction, lift razor, repeat. I also use stainless steel blades and check it every time to make sure there is no rust in the equation.
By the way you could get grit in your chamois that could scratch the glass but I’d bet that possibility won’t cause you to stop using it.

[COLOR=“blue”]Mike I’m not knocking your way of cleaning windows- I hope I have made it clear that I respect your opinion and experience. Personally, this thread really isn’t about how to clean windows. We both know how to clean windows Mike. My favorite Mexican restaurant knows how to make tacos- so does Taco Bell- So what.

I already told you that you can probably run circles around me Mike- I’m not claiming to be fast and if I’m wasting time by being thorough with a customers windows then its my time to waste.

But seriously Mike- I like you and I think your a damn good window cleaner from what I’ve seen. I do appreciate your feedback and I will take everything you have said to heart. You would not have been cleaning windows for 25 years if you were not good at what you do. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=“blue”]Awesome Dan!! Thats what I need! I’ll get right on those tonight if possible! Thanks:)[/COLOR]

[COLOR=“blue”]Thanks Doug! I’m really trying to let people know the real me and that includes my background and my family. Personally, I don’t let just anyone into my house. So the more I know about someone, the more I am likely to trust them…or not. I have tried hard for people to know the man who will be standing in their kids room washing windows. I have kids myself, and just thinking about having some unknown contractor or anyone else I don’t know, in their room does not appeal to me at all.

[COLOR=“blue”]Will do Doug. and for everyone out there who needs some dang good SEO and website help- call DOUG. He has been invaluable to me over the last few weeks. He has helped me transition from another web-host and to change over to WordPress. He has answered endless emails, phone calls and text messages from me with all sorts of questions. His services are well worth the money I spent.

[COLOR=“blue”]I also use only stainless razors, scrape in one direction, then lift it, only on wet soapy glass and only after i have given it an initial scrub. I also use a waiver as well. Was it you who said “no waiver- no work”? Because that’s my motto now also.[/COLOR]

It’s my motto but I didn’t start it, I got it from Dan Fields and I think it just makes good sense.