Hey Y'all

I started my window cleaning business from a fan page on Facebook. I also use LinkedIn. I don’t do any advertising and I get several calls a week for residential and commercial cleaning. I have other services I offer in addition to window cleaning like pressure washing , house cleaning, commercial cleaning, and move-out cleanings. I have been featured in the local Ledger-Enquirer newspaper for my business. I am licensed and insured for five stories. My company name is Mr. Squiigii Window Cleaning.

If I’m not mistaken, weren’t you banned about a year ago?

Yes. But I promise not to do any spamming.

I dunno man, a ban is a ban. From what I remember you were pretty brazen about disregarding all the rules.

How’s that association of your doing?

All rules will be complied with. I am here to start getting equipment.

Its not my choice whether to ban someone or not. You will have to talk to [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION] and [MENTION=4]Alex[/MENTION].

That’s cool. Its whatever. I got money to spend. If they want it…

Hi Ben welcome back.

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Hey [COLOR=#333333]Mr. Squiigii,

Do you get a lot of work for 1.00 a pane? I was just checking out your facebook page. [/COLOR]

Yes I do get a lot of customers for a $1 a window. But the dollar is for retail, restaurant and commercial only. Houses are priced differently.

[MENTION=3209]SqueegeeNinjaNJ[/MENTION] I trust your judgement completely

How do you make any money at 1.00 per pane for commercial work?

What are your prices?

I dont disclose my prices.

What’s wrong with my price?

They seem a little low. But if your making money thats the only thing that counts

Ban him again!! I know when I get banned I probably won’t be extended the same courtesy. Not sending a good message to all others that have been banned. I could think of a couple banned users I’d like to see back before “Mr. Squiigii” is back on the scene.

Well I am the only one in town. I don’t even charge for scraping.

You sound pretty confident.

Just do me a favor, when you decide to go through with your banning, make it epic… we all like a good meltdown :slight_smile: