Hey Guys!!

Charlie Laurie here, owner of A-1 Window Washers, Slidell La. I’ve met a few of ya’ll in person at the various Trade Shows, (Craig in Atlanta, Alex in Nashville, the others I can’t remember where :)). I’ve been reading for a few months now, thought I should finally post.

I started my business a little over 10 years ago. I currently have 5 full time guy’s & myself. We do about 40% Residential, 40% Commercial, and the other 10% Route. I’m a big fan of the WFP, I currently own about 7 of them, and just ordered another one from Alex this week. That order made me finally post. Alex had already left work, was going home, (I suppose), when I called him. He graciously took my order gave me some info and left me with a smile on my face.
I appreciated the good customer relations he showed.

To Chris & Alex, this forum is awesome, not to mention the product video’s and such. Keep up the good work, we’re all benefiting from it!!!


Charlie Laurie
A-1 Window Washers
Slidell La.

ps Hey Thad what’s cracking!!

Hey Charlie,

After talking to you yesterday I remembered meeting you in Nashville. Glad to have assisted you yesterday.

That’s what she said… couldn’t resist.

Probably the last thing I expected from you, Curt!


Welcome Charlie. We’ve exchanged e-mails before. I was in Slidell about 2 years ago helping w/ the Katrina cleanup.

Ha ha ha… as an addict of “The Office” you should know that I restrained as hard as I could, but to no avail. Sometimes the Michael Scott just has to come out.

I much prefer the David Brent.

Hey Tony,

Great to hear from you. The Slidell Katrina cleanup is definetly done, New Orleans?? It looks like the storm hit last week. Anyway, take it easy, I’m sure we’ll be speaking soon.


I resisted watching the American version because I was sure that it would pale in comparison. I finally watched it on Netflix Instant and was hooked. I did a “The Office” marathon and really think that the US version might be even better than the UK one.
That was not easy for me to say.

“That doesn’t make any sense. They don’t call them ‘collard’ people.”
-Diversity Day Season 1 Episode 1

p.s. What’s happnin’, Charlie?

I think I prefer the American one. Are there any “Dwight Shroot” window cleaners out there?

I resisted for the same reason, and I was right!

I did give it (American) a chance by watching season 1 in its entirety.

Seen Extras?

I think “extra’s” is better than the office - he’s pulling some big names in as well.

I see at least one on WCR!

I liked the first few Extras but lost interest fairly quickly.
The Patrick Stewart and Kate Winslett episodes were very funny.


“We do about 40% Residential, 40% Commercial, and the other 10% Route” Whats the other 10%?

Stop over-analyzing, Josh. :wink:

Chain Restaurants, Fast Food stores, Shoe Shops, Hair cutting places, etc.

By commercial, I mean multilevel Buildings, Hospital’s, etc. The picture in my Avatar is of me at the bottom and one of my guy’s up top doing the FBI building in New Orleans.

Have you seen Louisiana’s math scores, Josh?
Ease up on him!

Ha Ha Ha,

Yea, I messed up on that one!!:smiley:

I guess the other 10% would be me helping my daughter with her algebra, while realizing 40+40+10 doesn’t equal 100!!!

see ya!!